Arborscape Adds Second Prius to the Fleet

//Arborscape Adds Second Prius to the Fleet

Arborscape Adds Second Prius to the Fleet


In 2012 it is important to realize the effect we have on the world and community we live in.

Although many times our impact is good, such as saving trees from disease, we also leave a large carbon footprint.

We spend over $5000 a week  in gasoline during the growing season!

Second Prius to the Fleet

It is the nature of the service we provide to consume gas.  This is why we at ArborScape have purchased a 2009 Toyota Prius so that we can mitigate the amount of emissions our business creates.  Hybrid vehicle purchasing is just one of our sustainability initiatives.

Although this car is more expensive than the average vehicle in its class we think it is important to do our part in sustaining our fragile ecosystem.

We chose this vehicle because of its 50 mile an hour gas mileage along with it being awarded as the cleanest vehicle in the US by the California Air Resources Board.

This vehicle will travel over 20,000 miles every year saving hundred of gallons of gas along the way.

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Our large trucks, mowers and gasoline powered tools are a large part of ArborScape’s business but at the moment fuel efficient options are limited.

When the manufacturers get around to creating such innovations you will see ArborScape moving towards purchasing greener bucket trucks and plant health care vehicles.

For over a decade we have recycled wood and re-using materials and vehicles. The Prius is the logical next step in our Green-it-Mean-It philosophy.

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