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Bush Trimming Denver CO

Bush Trimming Denver is provided by the ArborScape team.
Do you want a shrub service that:

  • Does the little things?
  • Can identify disease or negative soil conditions?
  • Knows which shrub species are recommended to be hand pruned or sheared?
  • Cleans up well?

Then call the ArborScape Tree Service Denver Bush Trimming location next time you need hedge work done. Top of the line hedge trimming and bush trimming requires the pruner to follow specific pruning guidelines.

Shearing a bush means, using a tool such as hedge trimmers to work with hedges. Hand pruning is using hand pruners. Hand pruning is better for single shrubs and deadwood leafy bushes.  If these simple guidelines are not followed the shrub may not flower, it may die back or develop bad structure. But if the guidelines are followed the plant will  usually flower, thrive and have a quality structure. In fact,  Texas A&M has closely studied the best practices for shrub care and concluded that it’s better not to prune your shrubs, than do trim them incorrectly.

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To follow these guidelines the pruner must have knowledge of proper pruning cuts and knowledge of plant species. Each of our bush trimming specialists have extensive knowledge of all the different kinds of bushes that grow on the front Range, and their unique horticultural needs.  For example the lilac bush requires yearly trimming in the spring right after they are done pruning to ensure there will be buds the next season. Some shrub species require a prune once a year while others do better on a twice-a-year schedule.

Most bush trimming companies simply run a trimmer along the outside of the shrub because it is quick and easy.  On the wrong type of shrub, this can do permanent damage.  Many times this will look okay after the work is done but in time your shrub may not flower, or if a juniper shrub, it will start to brown in color.

The ArborScape Tree Service Denver Bush Trimming Team understands the health of your bushes and will give them the utmost attention to maintain and improve the health of your bushes.

Here at ArborScape, we believe pruning a bush isn’t simply about cutting the bush back but is also about the health and wellness of the shrub for years to come.

When you hire ArborScape we go above and beyond what the average shrub trimming company:

  • Proper pruning cuts – that are done at the correct time in the year.
  • Development of proper structure.
  • Removal of dead wood.
  • Removal of crossing branches.
  • Quality customer service.
  • Knowledge about your plants.

By following proper pruning guidelines we will allow the plant to improve energy transfer throughout the hedge creating a lively and healthy shrub for years to come.

Have one of our plant health care professionals come give you a free estimate and answer any of your questions.