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Catalpa Tree Care

Catalpa Trees

Catalpa trees can thrive in altitudes up to 7000 ft, making it an exotic tree for your Denver yard. Catalpas (also known as Catawba) are native to warm areas such as Atlanta and Houston but volunteer throughout North America.

Catalpa are hampered by catalpa sphinx moth. The larva stage is the best time to treat this infestation, before it eats the leaves and robs the catalpa of energy reserves. Providing tree service Denver catalpa tree care is important when you first see caterpillars. In order to treat the catalpas, notice if you see any caterpillars and then use Orthene.

Catalpa also is prone to fungus which might cause withered leaves. A trunk injection with ArborJet which contains an anti-fungal agent can help stop the tree from going into decline.

Powdery mildew is a common catalpa problem. It appears as a powdery substance on the leaf surface.

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