Winter Tree Care

//Winter Tree Care

Fire blight treatment and management

Fire blight treatment and management - Part 3 in ArborScape Blog's series on this disease of fruit trees. Read on for details! Part 1 | Part 2 When your fruit tree has been diagnosed with fire blight by a qualified arborist, you'll usually also be provided with a range of options and course of treatment [...]

What is Fire Blight?

Fire blight is a bacterial disease that affects certain species in the rose family (Rosaceae). It is especially destructive to apples, pears, and crabapples. The disease also can occur on serviceberries, flowering quinces, cotoneasters, hawthorns, quinces, pyracanthas, blackberries, raspberries, and mountain ashes. Leaves darken and wilt but remain attached to the tree (see above), giving [...]

Your November Colorado Insect Checklist

November Colorado Insect checklist of some common insect-related events – Denver metro and Boulder, Denver South and East  This is a generalized checklist of when some of the more important insect related events tend to occur in our area. Year to year variations are considerable, and this should be used as a guideline to anticipate and help recognize [...]

Winter Tree Trimming

  Winter tree trimming is strongly recommended if you own a: crabapple apple pear peach American elm hawthorn Trimming these species in winter prevents airborne fungal diseases, a common problem for fruit trees, to spread to neighboring trees. Why trim your fruit trees in winter ? Fruit trees are prone to diseases and infestation when trimmed any [...]

Clients Continue to Add Winter Tree Services

  Winter tree services have always been a hard-sell, partly because our customer's attention turns elsewhere after that first snow of the year and partly over confusion about when is the best time for tree care. Since starting ArborScape in 1996, I've developed deep and trusted relationships with many of our customers. And as that [...]

Winter Watering Trees | Prevent Drought Stress

  Most homeowners realize the need for watering trees in the growing season. However, it's just as important during the winter months, defined as October through March in the arboricultural community. Drought effects on trees can take up to 5 years to show.  As much of our state has suffered from Abnormally Dry conditions during 2015, we [...]

Drought Causes Christmas Tree Scare

  The extreme drought of 2012 has created record temperatures all across the Midwest with Missouri, Illinois, Indian, Kentucky and Colorado as the states most affected by drought.  The drought has negatively affected many farmers, small business and consumers. Another industry that has been affected are the local Christmas tree farms across the Midwest. Christmas [...]

Prepare Trees for Any Storm

Weather has become extremely unpredictable these last few years, with summer heat rising consistently above 100 degrees and winter blizzards that have decimated whole neighborhoods. To be ready for any winter storm that may hit this coming year, it's key to get your trees all set ahead of time. So how do we prepare our trees for [...]

Shopping for Your Christmas Tree Online

  Shopping For Your Christmas Tree Online By Michiel Van Kets Most shoppers look online these days before buying anything too expensive, even if it is only to research prices and brands. It pays to know all there is about a product before parting with your hard earned money, and using the internet means you [...]

Winter Tree Care and Landscaping Tips

  January Check house plants for dust build-up on leaves and clean with damp cloth. Inventory garden tools for repair or replacement. Check power tools for tune-up, repair or replacement. Sketch a map of your yard and locate important plants. Take a walk around your yard for ideas for new landscaping or renovation. Visit garden [...]

Winter Watering Article Featured in Summit Daily News – Colorado

   David recently wrote this article about winter watering that was published in the Summit Daily News in Breckenridge CO. 

Sun Scald and Tree Wrapping

  Young trees, newly planted trees, and thin-barked trees are most susceptible to a process called sun scald or southwest injury. On a sunny winter day, the bark temperature of your tree can increase 20 degrees higher than the air temperature. This can cause tree cells to come out of dormancy and become active. When [...]

Denver Winter Tree Watering

Denver Winter Tree Watering typical tree dripline and root spread zone The last thing most of our clients want to do on a Sunday afternoon in winter is unpack their garden hose to water their trees. We don't blame you - but if you don’t see that your landscape trees get *sufficient* water, [...]

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