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We aren’t currently selling firewood for the 2o16- 2017 winter season. Follow us on your favorite social channel to hear when we’ll have more wood seasoned and ready to sell!

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Also check out: Arborscape’s handy list of resources for sourcing firewood in Denver and greater metro area here.



Arborscape firewood is 100% recycled wood, so some logs may require being cut in half.
We do our best to pull out cottonwood and pine logs. Pine wood is subject to availability.
All our firewood is loose in our truck.


ALL DELIVERIES ARE CASH ONLY. If you’d like to pay with credit card or check, you’re welcome to pick up your firewood at our storage yard location:

3165 S. Zuni
Sheridan, CO 80110



Hardwood prices for firewood:

One cord – 4x4x8…….$250.00
Half cord – 2x4x8…….$140.00
Quarter cord – 2x2x8…….$80.00
Pine prices for firewood:

One cord – 4x4x8…….$210.00
Half cord – 2x4x8…….$120.00
Quarter cord – 2x2x8…….$80.00

Delivery charges:

Denver metro area: $90.00

Outside metro area: $120.00


Keeping your firewood dry is important, as it increases burning efficiency. We recommend stacking it on gravel, in a place with plenty of direct sun. Read more on optimal firewood storage here.

Beat the rush – call Arborscape at 303-806-TREE or click here to order your firewood for this season now.