IPS Beetle and Ash Borer

IPS Beetle and Ash Borer

The major threat to your  ash and spruce trees are the ips beetle and ash borer. These nasty little insects could bore your lovely tree to pieces.

Fortunately, this can be prevented by applying a protective spray, in April or May, that stops the beetles from destroying your tree.


If you decide not to apply a protective spray, and your tree becomes infested, your local arborist will likely be unable to save your tree. There are currently no remedial sprays that defend a tree already infested by IPS beetles or ash borers.

Having preventive work done to preserve your tree is a good idea for many reasons:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal – These insects attack trees that provide a distinguishing beauty to many homes. This can’t be replaced for decades.
  2. Cost savings – Depending on size and location, having a tree cut down and removing the stump can cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Protect Your Home and Property – A tree that has been attacked by these insects is a standing corpse that is hazardous. It could easily fall possibly damaging the surrounding property.
  4. Prevent Infestation – If your tree is not sprayed it can become home to thousands of insects that spread to other trees in the area causing massive tree loss.
  5. Ugly Scars – If your tree is infected it can be left with large open wounds in the trunk or large branches killed off ruining the trees natural appeal and leaving a disfigured monstrosity in its wake.

image of tree dying of IPS infestation

Ips beetle and ash borer usually attack distressed trees with root damage. So if your tree is less-than-perfect, an application of a preventative insecticide is the only way to be 100% percent sure the tree will not become infested.

Tree spraying when done by our team of qualified professionals is safe and will not harm the tree, surrounding plants, ground water or pets.


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