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Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Aeration services for your lawn are like attending to a human circulatory system.

In Denver’s dry climate, aeration is recommended twice a year, spring and fall.

Through proper lawn aeration, you’ll increase the flow of minerals and nutrients to your lawn’s root system, while simultaneously allowing easier water flow to help promote healthy growth all year long.

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Help your lawn breathe & prevent dry spots and the yellowing of your lawn.

Lawn aeration is a low cost and effective way to help your Colorado lawn thrive year round.

Aeration Procedure & Benefits:

Increased Efficiency

Fertilizer can better reach your grass’ roots, increasing its efficiency.

Decreased Bills

Water soaks into the root zone, decreasing water bills.

Increased Turf Growth

Compacted soil is loosened, giving your turf space to multiply.
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