Tree Care By Species

//Tree Care By Species

Tree Care By Species

Tree Care By Species Denver CO

Learn about common Denver area trees and how to make them thrive. When and where to look for symptoms, trimming guidelines and estimates if needed. We developed a series of pages that address the basics of tree care by tree species.

Aspens and Aspen Tree Care While more drought tolerant, aspen trees need water especially in west facing or windy locations.

Ash Trees and Ash Tree Care – Ash trees are allowed to grow too big in Denver. Why is that the case? The city forester of Denver lists it as one of three most common hazard trees in Denver. The predicted emergence of the emerald ash borer, which is different from the Colorado ash borer, will kill most ash trees in the city of Denver. What you need to know about ash tree trimming.

Pine Trees and Pine Tree Care – Since pine trees grow all year long, pines need water consistently. Too little water equals a tree prone to pine beetles.
Cottonwood and Maple are common to Denver and make up the other two species, besides ash trees, that are common hazard trees in Denver.

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