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Tree Removal Denver

Tree Removal Denver Updated December 11th, 2013 – ArborScape, an insured Denver tree removal service,  offers a free estimate on cutting down your tree. All materials are recycled.

Costs of Tree Removal

The cost of tree removals can be astounding especially the first time you are tasked with doing it. The best way to cut costs of a tree removal is to remove undesirable trees before they reach maturity. The larger they grow, the larger the tree removal can cost.

Tree removal prices are contingent on,

  • type of tree
  • tree age
  • location
  • structure surrounding the tree
  • presence of power lines overhead

By far the biggest factor is tree species. Pine and spruce tree removal is more straightforward since their branch structure isn’t as complex and they usually not designated as a hazard tree. Thus they rarely take more then a days work.


Cottonwood, maple and ash tree removal are more technical and take more time to remove the branch structure, since it’s more likely to hang over houses and garages. These species are also more likely to be hollow and to be identified as a hazard tree removal. Thus large cottonwood removals, for example, can cost a thousand dollars or more and take multiple days to remove and recycle.

An experienced tree removal service with satisfied customers throughout the Denver Metro area, our trained technicians will assess the situation and provide you with options you may not have known about.

We also leave a separate quote for Denver stump removal so you can see a full breakout.

The benefits of working with ArborScape:

  • Fully insured giving you peace of mind during this dangerous process.
  • As certified arborists, we are up-to-date on the safest tree removal techniques.
  • Twenty years of experience have taught us that you value a company that cleans up and avoids unnecessary damage to your lawn and shrubs. All tree work is backed by our tree service Denver guarantee

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Tree Removal Denver

ArborScape removes trees that are sick or leaning because toppling can occur without warning. Most trees fail in the days following a storm because the root system and trunk becomes saturated with water. If the outgoing storm system is accompanied by wind gusts, this will create even more of a hazard.

Tree branch removal maybe necessary after early season storms where a large tree branch or tree trunk needs to be removed from the crown or top of the tree canopy. Or the roof of your house!

Encroaching on property lines is also a frequent cause for removing a tree. Trees outgrow their area and have to be removed. If you’re worried about this occurring, it’s good to give us a call as there are growth regulation techniques that can stunt a tree’s growth and prevent a costly removal down the road.

Winter Tree Removal Savings

A great time to call is winter, as scheduling is a little more flexible for winter tree removal and branch recycling. We offer winter rates that are lower then during the growing season.

In addition to being a in good standing with Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter organization, we also are recommended by the City of Denver, CO and other municipalities.

We will be glad to come out and give you a free quote so you know your tree removal costs. Give us a call today at 303-795-2381, or contact us online.

Emergency tree removal services are also available on a first-come first-served basis.