The best time to prune Denver lilacs are just after the spring flowers have faded.  This is because they set the next year’s flower buds immediately after the flowers have died. Late lilac trimming (or early depending on how you look at it) will kill off the buds so it won’t produce flowers the next season.

Denver Lilacs bushes are hardy plants that can grow up to 20 feet high and have large, one of a kind, spring flowers. This is why the lilac bush is a favorite among homeowners and plant care enthusiasts.

Lilacs are tenacious plants that will create many suckers that can quickly take over a yard, killing other plants as they go.  This is why your lilac needs yearly pruning!  Pruning a lilac isn’t difficult but it is important to follow certain lilac pruning guidelines or your plant will suffer and you won’t be able to enjoy the spring time flowers the plant is known for.

Different kinds of lilac shrubs.

Denver lilacs

In the picture above, by pruning the lower half late in the year the buds were killed. While pruning the upper half at the proper time allowed the plant to flower.

Another pruning rule is to never cut more than one third of a shrubs’ stem and always leave a little green on top.  This will allow new stems to develop and old stems to peak and bloom.

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Be wary of the company you choose for bush trimming services.  This is because most companies simply run a trimmer along the side of the bush without any knowledge of the bush in question.  By doing this they could be doing more harm than good killing off the next seasons flowers, damaging the plant, and leaving an unhealthy looking plant in your yard.

By having a quality company such as Arborscape do the work you can be rest assured that the flowers will bloom during the following season, the bush will be trimmed down to a healthy size, all deadwood will be cut out and you will be left with a beautiful and healthy plant. Check out ArborScape’s page on  bush trimming.

The picture above shows a well-pruned lilac. Not all well pruned lilacs look alike and it could take a couple of season to develop the structure desired.