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4 Secure Seasonal Tree Care Options

4 Secure Seasonal Tree Care Options

The beginning of autumn is upon us! The nights are getting longer, the mornings are cool and brisk, and the leaves are changing colors. The changing of seasons is always beautiful to witness, but it also means that winter is coming, and seasonal tree care is important if you want your trees to bloom healthily again come spring.

ArborScape has a vast array of secure seasonal tree care options to both prepare your trees for winter as well as keep them healthy all year long so you don’t have to stress about the condition of your trees.

Seasonal Tree Care

For instance, we have our Fall Deep Root Fertilization, which is a balanced form of micronutrients designed to promote root hair development in order to gather essential nutrients from the soil during the winter.

Meanwhile, our Merit Soil Injections are insecticides that aid in controlling leaf and needle-eating insects. We don’t want those pesky borers to destroy your tree before it’s ready to bloom again in the springtime.

Another important treatment for your seasonal tree care might even include our Iron Chlorosis Treatments. The soil here in Colorado is a bit alkaline and low in organic matter, so it’s easy for trees here to develop chlorosis. 

Our treatment helps by amping up iron production so your trees have the best start in the spring when they begin to sprout new growth. Plus, there are two methods for this treatment; spraying directly onto the chlorosis-spotted area, or by injecting directly into the trunk to aid the entire vascular system.

seasonal tree care

We even have winter pruning options that we’ve mentioned before in our other blogs, but this type of seasonal tree care is also important in promoting healthy growth in the upcoming seasons, especially with fruit trees.

Once your fruit has all fallen, our amazing tree care professionals are able to climb on up and make pruning marks for careful dormancy in the winter and healthy growth come spring. Our pruning services also help keep your trees safe during snowfalls and other precarious weather conditions that we deal with here in Colorado.

And, as the name suggests, fall is when the leaves start dropping. And we’ve found there are benefits to raking your leaves or leaving them on your lawn.

While you’ll definitely want to rake your leaves if they’re diseased so the spores don’t fly up into the new buds, there are benefits to leaving them be over the winter.

Leaving your leaves unraked can help leave shelter and food for bugs in the winter. Unraked leaves can also be mulched and fertilized for your grass once the snow melts. 

These services are timely treatments to ensure a beautiful, lush, and (most importantly) healthy yard. While these treatments can take time and money, it’s an investment into your home and community to get the best benefits out of your trees.

So don’t wait, don’t hesitate, call us now at (303) 806-8733 for a free estimate to get your trees prepped for winter with our fall services so you don’t have to worry about what happens to your trees over the winter. ArborScape is here to keep your yard safe and secure.

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