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A Superb & Safe Tree Removal

While there are many benefits to having trees in our yard and around our community, we know they can turn into a risk factor fairly quickly given the proper circumstances. Things like the recent snow and wind storms have certainly shown some of us the necessity for a safe tree removal, which we’re more than equipped to handle.

With storm damage, it’s easy to see when a tree needs to be removed, whether it’s toppled over or several limbs are dying or dead. But there are other parameters to take into consideration when it comes to completing a safe tree removal.

Other things to keep in mind when caring for your tree can include where the tree was planted and how it’s growing. Some trees can grow into power lines, others have roots sprawling into the foundation of your home; the list can go on.

This is where the importance of finding a certified arborist comes into play. Our crews at ArborScape are licensed and trained to perform this kind of work. We’re committed to bringing you and the Denver community with truly safe tree removal services.

More than that, we give free estimates! Our estimators can head out to your property to assess the issue. We do our best to take accurate measurements of the tree, and observe the surrounding landscape of your yard, and maybe even your neighbor’s, to determine which equipment we may need in order to best complete the job.

How We Perform a Safe Tree Removal

climber performing safe tree removal

Most of the time, we’re able to send a crew of climbers and groundsmen to perform a safe tree removal. As the name suggests, the climbers safely secure themselves to the trees with slings and ropes to haul themselves up into the tree and cut the limbs and then rope them to the ground. That’s where – you guessed it – the groundsmen transport the logs and other debris to the truck or chipper.

This type of crew is the baseline of any safe tree removal project. However, depending on other factors, heavier machinery may be required to adequately complete the job. 

For instance, we have our bucket truck to reach taller trees that may be too dead (or even too thin) to safely climb. We also have our crane, affectionately named Kong, that’s able to reach out and grapple entire trunks and lift them safely over houses and other structures that might have otherwise prevented access for a proper safe removal.

Once the removal has been completed, our crew will clean up the area and haul away the logs to either reuse as per our sustainability policies, or recycle with A1 Organics. We also have customers who prefer us to leave some logs for firewood or their own DIY projects! We figure, if the wood is safe, why not get some more use out of it?

We also provide stump grinding services. While some people don’t mind keeping the stump, others prefer to completely clear the area. So, if that’s on the schedule after your tree is removed, there are a few things to keep in mind.

We work with iDig, a free service that sends a notice to various gas, water, and electric companies to head to your property and make sure the area is clear or any water or power lines that might prevent us from digging in the area. But once everything has been cleared, our stump crew is ready to go!

We’ll head out with our grinder, then we’ll dig up and grind the stump down and fill the area with the mulch-like material it produces. And once everything’s flattened out, you are good to go!

So if you’re ready for a safe tree removal by certified arborists, give us a call at (303) 806-8733 for a free estimate! Or, visit our website to learn more about all the tree care services we offer.

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