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New Arborist Apprenticeship

As of 2019  “Arborist” is now considered a skilled trade by the Colorado Department of Labor.

This is good news because allows tree care companies to establish apprenticeship programs. ArborScape Inc. is very proud to announce that we are now qualified to begin our own apprenticeship program and will begin training apprentices soon. We are the third company in Colorado to be approved by the Department of Labor. 


Teaching will be conducted in partnership with Front Range Community College who will administer the program.



This is an opportunity for both tree care customers and employees in that it helps build a certification and a stamp of approval from a third-party that is legally recognized by the state of Colorado. In the same way you hire a journey-man plumber or journey-man electrician, a journey-man arborist will be someone who has a verified amount of training and several years work under a supervising arborist.  Learn more 


New Arborist Apprenticeship


New Arborist ApprenticeshipNew Arborist ApprenticeshipNew Arborist Apprenticeship


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