Arbor Day Tree Planting

There are numerous benefits to planting a tree ranging from environmental to economic benefits.  Many people plant trees for logical reasons while others naturally or subconsciously begin to plant trees on their property without thinking of why. They simply feel it’s the natural thing to do.  Whether you’ve already decided to plant a tree, or considering the idea, here are a variety of reasons why you should make the leap and plant a tree this year.

1. For many people the most obvious reason to plant a tree is the social benefits a tree produces.   Most people believe trees simply make life more pleasant or give them a sense of well-being.  If you were to think of your favorite place chances are trees would be there.  Studies show hospital patients recover quicker when they have a window view of trees.  Both scientific evidence and intuition show that life is better with trees around.

2. Most people who plant trees for social benefits also plant them for their environmental benefits.  Trees absorb, break up and deflect the initial effects of weather such as rain, sleet, hail, wind, and extreme sunlight allowing us to be much less affected by agonizing weather.  Trees also absorb water and keep the soil together which mitigates flooding.

Cities plant many trees largely because trees cool the weather in the area. Since cities create heat through pavements and buildings, trees can moderate this problem.

3. Trees make the air we breathe safer by removing dust and other particles from it.  They also absorb other pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide, and in return give off oxygen.

4. Economic benefits for many people are the reason to plant a tree.  Trees help provide economic benefits in many ways:

  • Shade trees can lower the temperature of a home in the summer allowing for air-conditioning costs to go down.
  • Trees are windbreakers allowing the home to stay warmer in the cold winter, reducing heating costs.
  • Trees add to curb appeal which in turn raises the value of your home.

Convinced? Find the perfect tree for your location and purpose and make this Arbor Day a memorable one.

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