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Appreciating Our Awesome Arborists

Appreciating Our Awesome Arborists

Celebrate Arborist Appreciation Day with us at ArborScape! As much as we love to laugh here, this type of work is no joke. With numerous risks in the logging industry, to staying up to date on the latest knowledge of horticulture, keeping up with certifications, and keeping the landscape luscious in the midst of climate change, arborists put a lot of effort into horticulture as a whole.

With around 8500 arborists in the United States, this profession has been determined to be one of the most important yet dangerous jobs in the nation due to work and the effects it has on the land and our everyday lives. Planting and cultivating all types of trees has an impact on the environment and the way we live. arborists in tree

Think about it- if arborists stopped planting or conserving trees, what would happen to the forests? Where would we get our fruit? And how would the lack of trees and the ability to trade certain goods affect our economy? And while we reap so many more benefits from trees, without these efforts, we could potentially see a major decline in our way of life.

In fact, arboriculture is so important that it can be traced back to ancient times along the fertile crescent. Arborists assisted in cultivating trees and expanding trade and migration throughout the established world. Some of these efforts are part of the reason foods play a huge role in certain cultures.

This is just one of the reasons why we’re grateful for our certified arborists. Not only do they have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise, they uphold the ISA Code of Ethics with integrity so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best work done on any project. 

Since we’re certified by ISA, that means our arborists have completed a multitude of classes and exams and maintain said credentials through a renewal process that meets ISA and ASCA requirements. While arborists are required to have a college degree relevant to arboriculture and specific training, there are still options to advance in the field, whether by obtaining certifications or other qualifications through ISA.

Arborist Apprentices

ArborScape puts a lot of stock into continuing education. Whether or not you want to be a fully qualified arborist, we have an arborist apprenticeship program that aids and guides our technicians with top-tier courses and hands-on experience in the field. Believe it or not, we’re only the third company in all of Colorado to be qualified by the Department of Labor to run this type of program.

Our program is a hybrid system that helps train the next generation. The apprentices are trained by certified arborists and agree to work for 5000 hours of on-the-job training and 440 hours of related classroom training. This means you’ll see our apprentices working under qualified arborists on job sites, and have access to quizzes and exams to learn more about tree trimming, tree diagnosis and treatment, and tree biology. 

This extra wisdom in tree biology comes in handy because ArborScape isn’t just here to remove or prune your trees. We want to assess and diagnose your trees and other plants for optimal health and growth. Arborists also offer residential and commercial consultations; we’ll ascertain the property and the type of project you want to implement and help you decide what to plant, where to plant, and with maintenance.

Not only does this expertise provide your yard with a robust ecosystem, but it expands to your neighbors, which then extends throughout the neighborhood, and eventually throughout the community. Your investments in this type of work are beneficial for everyone in the area.

So if you want your trees to be in tip-top shape, an experienced arborist is the way to go. ArborScape gives free estimates for your jobs, and since we’ve been in business for 26 years, we certainly have experience not only with the community but with the landscape as well. Our arborists know Colorado’s terrain exceptionally well and can ascertain the best treatment options for your yard. 

No matter your concerns, our ArborScape arborists can tackle them! With a number of services at your disposal, we can help you add to the benefits your yard already has. So give us a call at (303) 806-8733 for a free estimate on safe tree removal, and insect & disease control, or check out our website for any other services you believe you may need. Our arborists are determined to give you the best services and to keep our landscape safe and healthy for generations to come.

And if you’ve already worked with us, don’t hesitate to show our arborists some appreciation! Whether it’s leaving a review, calling to share a story about a technician who’s gone above and beyond, or even tagging us on your favorite social media platform. We love to hear how we’ve helped our community, and how we can become even better!

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