Arborist Apprenticeship

Denver's Arborist Apprenticeship Program

As Of 2019 “Arborist” Is Now Considered A Skilled Trade By The Colorado Department Of Labor. ArborScape Inc. Is Very Proud To Announce That We Are Now Qualified To Begin Our Own Apprenticeship Program And Will Begin Training Apprentices to Become Consulting Arborists. We Are The Third Company In Colorado To Be Approved By The Department Of Labor.

About Our Apprenticeship Program

This Arborist Apprenticeship Program Is A Hybrid Training System Created And Designed For Training A New Generation Of Arborist Practitioners.

The Apprentice Is An Employee Who Is Learning The Arborist Trade From A Skilled Employer, Having Agreed To Work For A Fixed 6,000 Hours Of On-The-Job Training (OJT).

The Program also includes Job-Related Classroom Studying at Front Range Community College, Totaling 450 Hours. This Leads To A Grand Total Of 5,440 Hours Of Total Training over a 3-year period.

Some Of The Skills Learned By An Arborist Apprentice Include Tree Trimming, Tree Disease Diagnosis And Treatment, Tree Climbing, And Basic Tree Biology.

This Arborist Apprenticeship Was Designed As An “Earn While You Learn” Model. Our Arborist Apprentices Are Seen As Employees And Receive A Paycheck From Day One. As They Gain More Skills And Experience Over Time, They’ll Start To Earn Higher Wages.

Because This Is A Skilled Trade Recognized By The U.S. Department Of Labor, Apprentices Will Receive a Journeyman License Upon Completion Of The Program.

arborist apprenticeship


Starting A Career As An Arborist Is Perfect For Those Who Love The Outdoors. An Apprenticeship Can Open You Up To Doing What You Love While Gaining Experience In A Brand New Certification.


Becoming An Arborist Journeyman Opens Up New Career Options Or Further Your Current Career. Even The Most Experienced Tree Climber Has A Lot To Gain From Becoming A Journeyman.


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