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Are your trees dying?

Are your trees dying or looking sick? The loss of mature trees can add up to ten of thousands of dollars in losses. 

ArborScape is a licensed tree spraying company which believes in integrating pest management with a broader program to promote the health of your valuable trees and shrubs. 

We offer a free estimate so you can have a plan to fix your trees!

Emerald ash borer, aphids, bark beetles and japanese beetles are all existential threats to conifers and leafy trees in the semi-arid climate of Denver and surrounding. Mature and late stage trees require spraying to control pests and fungii, which could otherwise send the tree into rapid decline. Below ground, healthy soil also needs to be cultivated and root damage prevented or controlled. 

Unlike other parts of the country, trees in Denver do not necessarily thrive without help from specially, formulated (through deep root fertilization in the spring, and root stimulation in the fall), targeted watering (during the winter) and application of sprays to the leaves and foliage of the trees (to control pests). 

In fact during drought years, like 2018, tree health can be permanently damaged for years to come. 

As an experienced tree spraying company, ArborScape can provide a full array of services to properly treat a tree and improve it’s health and longevity. Besides tree spraying we also have the technology to apply pesticides within the tree itself, through tree injection systems. 

This integrated pest management approach uses the minimal amount of chemical treatment to achieve maximum results for your trees. Tree spraying programs typically include fall and spring tree fertilization, three to five rounds of pesticide application per season, and may also include specialized recommendations. For example, emerald ash borer prevention for ash trees or dormant oil to prevent scale on pine trees. 

We offer a free evaluation analyzing the health of your plants, which is a $149 value. 

Once you accept the program, a trained technician will take ownership of your account and conduct the treatments while also doing periodic inspections to track progress and adjust to changing conditions. 

So if you notice infestations of insects in your trees, notice that bark is peeling off or changing color or you have observed abnormal leaf loss, reach out out to ArborScape at 303-806-8733 or get a free estimate here. 

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