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Colorful, Dream as Big as Trees, Poster Winner

Colorful Colorado: Arbor Day 2023

The Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest is an artistic competition for public, private, and home-schooled 5th graders across the state. Each school can submit one entry into the state contest. The winning student, their family, and their teacher will be recognized at the Denver Botanic Gardens in April. The winning student will also receive a framed print of their winning poster and a $500 gift card! Their teacher will receive a $100 gift card! Each Colorado School may enter 1 entry. Must be original artwork. The poster size must be 12″ X 18″. This year the theme is “Dream as Big as Trees”. Coloring mediums are markers, Crayons, Paint pens, colored pencils, watercolor, and/or tempera paint.

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Tree Selection

Choosing the Right Tree   We Recently Published An Article About How Trees Get Stressed Out And What To Do To Nurse Them Back To Health. However, One Of The Biggest Problems Trees Have Is They Aren’t The Right Species For The Climate (Or Micro-Climate) That They Are Planted In. This Is Probably The Biggest

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Maple Tree Care

Maple Trees Are A Sturdy, Well-Regarded Species. If You Are Planting A Maple, We Recommend Avoiding Silver Maples As They Have Brittle Branches, Tend To Have Roots That Crawl The Surface, And Are More Likely To Hollow Out Later In Life. Autumn Blaze Maple We Also Avoid it Due To Brittle Branch Structure. Both These

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Aspen Tree Care

The SHOCKING Truth About Aspen Trees Is That They Aren’t Even Meant To Be Planted Below 6,000 Feet! You Can Look It Up. That’s Why Proven Aspen Tree Cares Needed To Give Them The Cultural Foundation They Need To Survive At The Lower Altitude Of Denver Metro. Since They’re A “Stand” (Group) Tree, They Die-Off

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Walnut Tree Care

Walnut Tree Care   Walnut Treee Care In Denver Includes Taking Care Of Many Black Walnut Which Is Hampered By 1000 Canker, Among Other Conditions. A Growing Concern As It Sweeps From West To East Across The US, 1000 Canker Is Distinguished By Little Sores On The Branches Which Multiply Across The Branches And Trunk

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Tree Disease

Update to August 2019 on Emerald Ash Borer ArborScape has several publications on EAB on our blog site: ArborScape Blog  In addition, we have more content for this topic on this website under tree spraying. Other Resources. Six Symptoms Of EAB Emerald Ash Borer FAQ

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Pine Tree

Pines Are An Iconic Part Of The Colorado Landscape. Ponderosa, Scotch, Lodge-Pole, And Austrian Pines Are Just A Few Of The Species You Will Encounter In Denver. Any Discussion About Pine Tree Health Is Really A Discussion About Beetles Such As The IPS Beetle And The Mountain Pine Beetle. Since Pine Grow All Year Long, The

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Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle- Tree Damage And Prevention As You Drive Through Rocky Mountain National Park In Colorado It’s Hard Not To See The Work Of The Mountain Pine Beetle. Whether You Acknowledge The Inevitable Cycle Of Forests Or Just See It As The Reason You Had To Cut Down The Once-Beautiful Pine Tree In Your

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Colorado Spruce

CONIFERS There are a lot of conifers that grow well in Colorado. Colorado Spruce (Picea pungens) is in the pine family, and probably the most popular here in Colorado. They grow to between 40-60’ in height and have a spread of around 25’. TRAITS Other names that this tree goes by are Blue Spruce or

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Why Hire an Arborist

We start learning about the importance of trees before we are in grade school. Trees are so important that many people consider them the single most important thing on this planet next to bees. Trees play a tremendously important role in the environment, so much so that without them, most life forms, including humans, wouldn’t

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Westminster and EAB

Emerald Ash Borer was reported in Westminster for the first time, moving quickly from neighboring Broomfield to the north. “In late August, EAB was found and confirmed in Broomfield in the vicinity of Zuni Street and 132nd Ave. and 128th Ave. just across the street from Westminster,” said John Kasza, city forester for Westminster. “This

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Watering Restrictions

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Aeration Time of Year

Aeration Time of Year: Is Aeration While the benefits of lawn aeration have been proven in many different parts of the country, it still isn’t a practice that is embraced by every lawn care company out there. Reasons that are given include, Lack of demand.  Lack of time to schedule and perform the service. Resistance

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Arborist Quizzes

I’ll admit. Most of our customers could care less about the difference between the phloem and the cambium or what the abiotic features of a tree are. They just want their tree healthy and looking good. But there are also the tree fanatics. This includes the Arborscape staff, who to an outsider, seem to have

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The Arborist of 2029

Summary: This one is pretty out there and I don’t see lasers actually doing much for the tree trimming and tree services world BUT what’s a prediction if we aren’t wrong. I found myself laughing at myself but enjoy it! 1/09/2019 Lasers are a parallel technology that could affect the way a tree service trims

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Future Truck

Summary: We wrote this in 2011. While meant to be a different way of looking at how equipment will improve in your tree care, on reviewing this data in 2019, in some ways these things are happening but the widespread adoption is lagging. Tree services have been defined by important developments, such as the bucket

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Lawn Care Mistakes

Seven Common Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid It can seem impossible to obtain the lush green lawn that your customer desires. No matter what, it ends up looking patchy and unkempt. Here are seven common lawn care mistakes that may be causing these lawn woes. 1. Watering Issues In order to maintain a healthy lawn,

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Great Lawn Maintenance

Tips on Maintaining a Great Lawn Fertilization On warm-season turfgrass species, withhold the first spring nitrogen application until soil temperatures at the 4-inch depth are consistently 65° F. I receive questions all the time about applying fertilizer early in the year especially when we have a warm February. Soil temperature data can to obtained by

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Lawn Weed Control

Pre Emergent Lawn Weed Control Our pre-emergent lawn fertilization round begins March 13th and will be available through April 15th depending on the weather.  Sign up today for the most important fertilizer application of the year. Pre-emergent lawn weed control helps prevent broadleaf weeds before they are established. While labeled a weed killer,  more simply

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Get Greener Lawn

Do you want your lawn to be greener and healthier?  We may have what you are looking for.  Revive is a product we are now offering to help green up your lawn.  Revive is an organic-based product with added wetting agents. Revive is composed of processed organic plant bi-product and decomposed extract. It has two

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