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Bountiful Benefits of Trees

Bountiful Benefits of Trees

We’re sure by now you’ve heard time and time again the many wonderful benefits of trees. These benefits include giving us oxygen that we need to breathe, absorbing CO2, providing habitats for wildlife, and aiding with mental health.

But trees can provide even more than that! Here, we’ll discuss the added benefits of trees and the power that maintaining their health can have for not just you, but the entire community.

Benefits of Trees

benefits of trees

To add to what we already know about trees providing oxygen, have you ever noticed that in areas with more trees, the air tends to smell better? That’s because trees also help absorb odors and pollutant gasses and aid in filtering particulates in the air by trapping them in leaves and bark. 

This helps make the oxygen around us even cleaner, which is incredibly important for such a widespread city like ours. 

Besides cleaning our air, having quality planted trees in urban and suburban areas has shown to have benefits in natural healing for patients in hospitals, reducing mental fatigue and improving concentration, and even reducing violence due to their natural calming effects.

Another benefit of trees is that they can help reduce energy costs, which is one of the reasons why urban forestry is so important. 

Trees can help cool cities by up to 10 degrees by providing shade for our homes, streets, and shops along public walkways. Additionally, in public parks and playgrounds, trees provide a shield from the sun’s ultraviolet rays; an important thing to consider when we live this high in altitude.

Trees are also a great resource for healthy, seasonal food. Fruit-bearing trees are amazing for community gardens or feeding your own community. One apple tree alone can produce an average of 15 bushels, or 675 pounds of apples. 

Even without fruit, trees can provide food for birds and other wildlife in addition to being a safe shelter for them; protecting them from the varying weather conditions.

Trees can also be used for aesthetic purposes, such as blocking unsightly views and even muffling louder sounds from nearby traffic or construction in order to give you a sense of peace and calm whether you’re out shopping or simply relaxing in your backyard.

These benefits of trees don’t apply to just the city, but to your own property too.

Just three trees alone placed strategically around a small home can help cut air conditioning use by up to fifty percent! This is useful not just for escaping the hot summers, but the insulation trees provide is also beneficial for the frigid winters here.

Trees are also great for your lawn’s health. Since moisture evaporates at a higher rate here due to the altitude, the shade that trees provide can help slow the evaporation so your lawn doesn’t get dehydrated.

By maintaining the health of your yard’s landscape, it becomes more desirable, therefore boosting your property’s overall value.

While maintenance of trees and an entire yard can add up, these investments only serve to benefit you.

But that’s what we’re here for at ArborScape, to make sure your investments in your trees go the extra mile. Our certified arborists and technicians are happy to head out to your area for an inspection to find the perfect treatment plans to maintain your yard’s health.

From pruning to aid in healthy growth, to insect sprays and more, we have the knowledge and equipment to keep your trees healthy no matter the weather or occasion. So check out our website to learn more or call us at (303) 806-8733 to schedule a free estimate and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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