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Clarity on Colorado Droughts

Clarity on Colorado Droughts

ArborScape is a proud, veteran-owned company dedicated to continually serving our community. This Memorial Day Weekend, while we celebrate and honor those who served our country for the betterment of the next generations, don’t forget that you can also serve your community and help instigate sustainable change for the future by investing in your plants and trees so they aren’t damaged by these rough Colorado droughts.

Memorial Day is meant to mark the beginning of summer. This day of observance started in May after the Civil War. It’s typically when the flowers really start to bloom, and using flowers to beautify grave markers was a significant way to honor the fallen. This day is also significant in recognizing sacrifice, and all the efforts so many have given so that the rest of us can live freely.

Paul Ryan stated once, “Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing”, and ArborScape’s story is one of sacrifice, perseverance, and hard work. Which is exactly what it takes to ensure a beautiful landscape in our mesmerizing, but dry, state. Despite the Colorado droughts, we’re here to highlight our passion and dedication to our community’s trees and plants.

ArborScape was founded in 1996 by Dave Merriman, a veteran who made his own sacrifices to get the business to where it is today so he could keep serving his community. In the past two decades, the company has brought on and supported numerous veterans in the Denver area who have helped invest in and strengthen our ties with members of the Denver area. The company’s support has allowed them to support themselves, their families, and you and yours. 

Because we invest in the lives of our neighbors and their homes, we look for all the opportunities we can to keep those investments safe. We stay up to date on the latest education in horticulture, reuse and recycle materials, and have figured out ways to preserve your trees and lawn despite the hardiness zones our climate endures, like these wild Colorado droughts. These investments in our community allow us to invest in our future to keep it safe and sustainable for generations to come. 

Colorado Droughts

In the past year, Colorado’s drought situation has improved drastically thanks to all the precipitation we received over the winter months. However, about 55% of the state is still under drought. Though a remarkable improvement considering all the hardiness zones we have here, the lack of moisture in the air and ground can have detrimental effects on our trees and plants. Despite the rain and snow we’ve received, our sporadic temperatures can make it tricky for the greenery here to… well, stay green.

While a lot of trees do well in harsh conditions and higher altitudes since droughts can extend the growing season, there are other factors to consider- such as sunlight and nutrient availability, that can potentially constrain a tree’s growth. Like us, trees need energy, but without the proper amount of nutrients and environmental benefits, a tree can be susceptible to drought and death.

colorado droughts

While all trees respond differently to drought- or water stress- it usually affects the entire tree, not just the main trunk. Decay in trees can lead to an array of issues, such as diseases and pests that are harmful to the ecosystem. If more and more trees keep dying or stop growing, global warming will only accelerate. So let’s ensure your trees and other plants are getting the proper energy they need to continue growing healthily. 

You’re probably familiar with traditional signs of dehydration in a plant, but let’s review. You’ll typically see yellow or browning leaves that curl or wilt, whether temporarily or permanently. Some of these leaves may even grow much smaller than usual, and even fall off prematurely.

While some trees and plants can be salvageable in our Colorado droughts, it’s also likely that when a tree is severely water-stressed, it can lose all its leaves. If this happens, the tree may not be able to produce enough photosynthates, a sugar created from photosynthesis to give plants energy, to properly harden off and survive the upcoming winter. So before it gets to that point, here are some tricks to help your trees before you need to give us a call.

One option is to apply mulch around your tree. Though typically formed into a volcano-like shape, you’ll want to lay the mulch like a donut, with eight inches of width from the trunk to discourage rot. Another way to hydrate your trees is to water them a little differently than you normally would.

For instance, you’d want to find the diameter of your tree and use a hose at a medium intensity to water it for five minutes for each inch in diameter. So if your tree is six inches in diameter, you’ll want to leave the hose running for thirty minutes. Additionally, piercing deep holes around the soil of your tree will help aid the water disbursement even further, creating a natural irrigation system around the tree trunk so it can absorb it at its own pace.

However, if these DIY treatments don’t work, don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website for a little help. As we mentioned, ArborScape is here to assist our community with your landscaping needs so these wild droughts don’t destroy your yard. We do winter watering to keep your plants hydrated, and we also have fertilizing treatments to get your trees and plants through the harsh winters.

As a veteran-owned company, we understand the importance of sustaining our community for the next generations. This is another reason we want to keep your trees and plants safe and healthy, so we can keep the earth protected for years to come.

As we continue to rely on and honor the men and women who served, don’t hesitate to rely on ArborScape, Denver’s top tree service company. Your continued support of our small business helps personally ensure continued growth and development in our community.

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