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Colorado Spruce


There are a lot of conifers that grow well in Colorado. Colorado Spruce (Picea pungens) is in the pine family, and probably the most popular here in Colorado.

They grow to between 40-60’ in height and have a spread of around 25’.


Other names that this tree goes by are Blue Spruce or Silver Spruce. It is pyramid-shaped with the wide lower branches touching the ground. The needles are bluish-green to silver-blue, with the bark starting as grayish-brown that turns to reddish-brown with maturity. Moist clay soil is the best for Colorado Spruce to be grown in, with plenty of sun and medium to high elevation.


The possible problems that this type of tree faces is cytospora canker, Spruce Budworm, and needle fungus. The soil around the spruce will become very acidic, so planting near it will usually be unsuccessful.


This tree is great for privacy and covering up objects that you would rather not see (ie. telephone poles, electric boxes, etc), because of the density of the foliage. The Colorado Spruce is a good windbreaker* and a popular nesting place for birds. It is low maintenance once established and grows at a slow to medium rate, with a good lifespan.

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