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Convenient Denver Lawn Care

Denver Lawn Care

While arborists typically only focus on trees, here at ArborScape, we pride ourselves on taking care of all your horticulture needs, including lawn care. This is why we’ve decided to partner with Weed Man! Learn more about how they can take care of your Denver lawn care needs while we continue to care for your trees.

Maintaining a lawn in Denver’s climate goes much deeper than just simple watering and mowing. Like trees, you have to get to the root of the issue, which is understanding the soil on our property so we can properly treat it and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lawn.

Colorado’s trademark ‘red silt’ soil contributes to the diversity of our nature, wildlife, and even the stability of our homes. It determines what can grow on your property, so understanding Denver’s unique soil can help you properly care for your lawn’s needs.

Colorado has three different types of soil throughout the state consisting of clay, silt, and sand. This means the soil is dry by nature and and can be slightly alkaline and low in organic matter, making it much less porous; meaning it doesn’t absorb or retain as much water or other nutrients to stay healthy.

And this is exactly what Weed Man is equipped for! They’ve been doing business for over 50 years and have designed the perfect 7-step Denver lawn care program for every lawn’s needs and your desired aesthetics.

At first, you may think a 7-step application may seem like overkill, but after seeing Weed Man’s plan in action, you’ll find that these treatments are more than just a quick fix. 

Their Denver lawn care services include fertilization and weed control and are designed to be completed throughout the seasons for full efficacy in keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

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Lawn Fertilization

Denver lawn care prioritizes lawn fertilization throughout the season, but particularly right before and after winter. Snow coverage and sporadic temperatures don’t exactly aid our lawns during the dormant season, so fertilizing your lawn will give it the proper nutrients it needs to thrive.

Not only will fertilizing your lawn benefit your grass, but the nutrients will spread throughout the soil in your yard and bring healthy benefits to your entire landscape.

Weed Man uses a slow-release granular fertilizer blended in-house. It’s designed to release steady amounts of nutrients over time so your lawn has exactly what it needs all year long.

Weed Control

Weed control isn’t a priority simply because weeds are annoying and make turf look bad; weeds can affect the overall health of your lawn!

So to save you time and energy, Weed Man is here with a product and a plan tailored to your Denver lawn care needs. 

Their trained professionals use top-of-the-line products calibrated to apply just the right amount of product that targets weeds like dandelions, bindweed, thistle, and more. More than that, it’s applied during peak germination periods for optimal results.

Weed Man’s weed control can also be applied to your rock beds and around any cracks your yard may have. Another add-on to your Denver lawn care plan can include grub prevention and aeration.

Grub prevention is a necessity as these white, c-shaped insects can cause extensive damage to lawns by chewing off the roots of the grass. Weed Man will carefully monitor for grub damage and if present, will make recommendations to your plan for preventative treatments.

Aerations will be done a little differently now. As an existing ArborScape customer shifting over to Weed Man’s lawn care plan, their technicians will be covering your lawn aerations. However, if your only lawn service is aeration, we’ll still be doing those services for you. 

Another thing to note is that billing for lawn care services will still be done through ArborScape. We’ll invoice for services like normal so you don’t have to worry about having your sensitive information sent to new platforms.

While we understand this type of change can be startling, Weed Man has shown through their work and personal efforts that they’re a great company that provides excellent results and we’re happy to put our faith in them that they’ll serve you and your lawns as well (if not better!) than us.

We also understand the confusion that may come with this change, so we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions as we navigate this change. You can contact us via our website, or give us a call at (303) 806-TREE!

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