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Get Greener Lawn

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Do you want your lawn to be greener and healthier?  We may have what you are looking for.  Revive is a product we are now offering to help green up your lawn.  Revive is an organic-based product with added wetting agents.

Revive is composed of processed organic plant bi-product and decomposed extract. It has two primary modes of action.  First, it has a wetting agent which means that it improves penetration in hard-to-wet soils. By lowering the surface and tensions of the relationship between the soil and water, it allows for water to spread and penetrate into the soil.  By changing the behavior of water Revive is able to save on water needs. Secondly, Revive acts as a chelating agent in the soil. This means that it allows for essential nutrients to be free and attached to the roots system allowing the nutrients to be available when they’re needed. Revive is an excellent additive to Colorado’s hard-to-wet soils.

Revive comes in granular and liquid forms.  The granular product is water activated which makes it so the chemical is activated during the next rain.  The liquid form is more expensive but will have immediate results.  Keep in mind the liquid is harder to apply evenly and is prone to uneven greening of the lawn.

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