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Greenwood Village

Residential/Commercial Arborist and Tree Service in Greenwood Village, CO: Landscaping, Mowing, Tree Pruning, and Tree Trimming and more

Welcome to ArborScape, Greenwood Village’s foremost Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company, offering a complete range of services across the Denver metro cities. Our commitment to maintaining the health and vitality of your landscape extends to every aspect of tree and lawn care. From precise tree trimming to safe tree removal, our certified arborists bring unparalleled expertise to every project.

Our services are not confined to trees alone; we also provide specialized bush trimming, including juniper bush removal and tree insect control to protect your green spaces from pests. Comprehensive lawn care solutions encompass targeted lawn fertilization to effective weed control, ensuring lush and thriving lawns.

Additional services include tree spraying to preserve the health and appearance of your trees, stump removal for landscape safety and aesthetics, and arborists’ consultations to align your garden with the best practices in tree care. We even manage the aesthetic and functional aspects of your rock bed and patio weeds, bringing complete harmony to your outdoor environment.

With ArborScape, you get an all-in-one partner for all your tree and lawn care needs in Greenwood Village, CO, and the surrounding Denver metro cities. Our cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly practices, and dedication to quality set us apart as the region’s trusted Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company. Trust us with your landscape, and let us create a vibrant oasis that reflects your vision and values. Experience the ArborScape difference today!

Transforming Landscapes: Greenwood Village Tree and Lawn Care Services for Thriving Trees, Plants, and Serene Landscape

tree trimming service

Tree Trimming Service in Greenwood Village, CO

Tree trimming is an art and science that goes beyond simple cutting. In Greenwood Village, CO, ArborScape is the expert in this field, providing specialized tree trimming services that preserve your trees’ natural beauty and health. Our certified arborists have extensive knowledge of the native species and climate of Greenwood Village, ensuring each tree is treated with the utmost care and precision.

Our tree trimming services in Denver are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape while also improving the overall health and longevity of the trees. By removing dead or diseased branches, we help prevent the spread of infections and create a more vigorous growth environment. Proper trimming also allows for better sunlight penetration and air circulation, producing more robust trees.

At ArborScape, we use state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to industry best practices. This ensures a safe and efficient process that minimizes disruption to your property and the surrounding environment. Whether it’s a small ornamental tree or a towering oak, our team has the skills and expertise to handle every project professionally.

Bush Trimming in Greenwood Village, CO

Bush trimming is another specialized service in Greenwood Village, CO. Like trees, bushes require regular maintenance to retain their shape and vitality. Our experienced team at ArborScape takes pride in offering tailored bush-trimming services that bring out the best in your landscape.

Our bush trimming process starts with carefully assessing your bushes to understand their needs. We then craft a customized trimming plan that enhances the appearance and promotes healthier growth. Whether it’s shaping a hedge or maintaining the unique form of a specific bush variety, we treat each project with the attention and care it deserves.

Trust ArborScape for your tree and bush trimming needs in Greenwood Village, CO, and experience a blend of artistry, science, and commitment that reflects our status as a region’s leading Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your landscape is always at its best, reflecting the beauty and elegance that only professional care can bring.

Tree Removal Service in Greenwood Village, CO

In Greenwood Village, CO, where various trees contribute to the picturesque landscape, tree removal may sometimes be necessary for the health and safety of the surroundings. ArborScape, your trusted Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company, provides expert tree removal services tailored to the unique needs of the Greenwood Village community.

Whether due to disease, safety hazards, or landscape redesign, tree removal is a complex task that requires careful planning and professional execution. Our certified arborists and tree care specialists carefully evaluate each situation, devising a removal plan that emphasizes safety and precision. Employing advanced equipment and complying with local regulations, we remove trees in Greenwood Village, CO, with minimal disturbance to neighboring plants and structures.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere removal. We ensure proper disposal and site cleanup and offer additional services like stump removal if required, leaving your property pristine and ready for future growth or enhancements.

tree removal service

Juniper Bush Removal Service

Juniper bushes are known for their aesthetic appeal but can occasionally become invasive or succumb to diseases. In these instances, professional juniper bush removal is vital. ArborScape’s specialized juniper bush removal service in Greenwood Village, CO, is designed to handle these challenges efficiently.

Our skilled team thoroughly assesses the situation, determining the best removal strategy to ensure no harm to adjacent plants. Each step is executed with meticulous attention to detail, from precise cutting to responsible disposal.

Whether it’s a majestic tree requiring removal or an overgrown juniper bush threatening the health of your garden, ArborScape in Greenwood Village, CO, is your go-to Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company. Our tree and juniper bush removal services are tailored to your landscape’s needs, providing custom solutions that align with your vision and the well-being of your outdoor environment. Trust in our professional, attentive tree care, and let us help you mold the future of your Greenwood Village landscape.

Stump Removal Service in Denver, CO

stump removal service

Stump Removal Services in Greenwood Village, CO

Stump removal is a specialized task that requires expertise, precise technique, and proper equipment. At ArborScape, we provide professional stump removal services in Greenwood Village, CO, and the Denver metro cities, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Stumps can be more than unsightly; they can be a safety hazard and harbor insects or diseases that may spread to healthy trees and plants. Our comprehensive stump removal process is designed to address these concerns, making your landscape safer and more aesthetically pleasing. We assess the stump, size, root structure, and location to determine the best removal method. Our skilled arborists utilize state-of-the-art equipment to grind the stump below ground level, minimizing any impact on the surrounding landscape. Unlike removal techniques that leave gaping holes or damage nearby plants, our method ensures a smooth transition for the area where the stump was located. It opens up space for new planting, revitalizing your garden, and offering endless possibilities to enhance your outdoor living space.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices means that we handle the removed material responsibly. We often turn the stump grindings into mulch that can be reused in your garden or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. But stump removal at ArborScape isn’t just about the process; it’s about the personalized service accompanying it. We understand that every landscape is unique and tailor our approach to your needs and preferences. Our team in Greenwood Village, CO, is here to guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to final cleanup, ensuring that your satisfaction is our priority.

Choose ArborScape for your stump removal needs in Greenwood Village, CO, and discover why we are the preferred Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company in the Denver metro cities.

tree spraying service near me

Tree Spraying Service in Greenwood Village, CO

In the beautiful landscapes of Greenwood Village, CO, trees often represent aesthetic beauty and a piece of natural heritage. To preserve this beauty, ArborScape offers specialized tree spraying services catering to the unique needs of your trees. Tree spraying is more than just a preventive measure; it’s a precise art that requires deep knowledge of tree species, local ecology, and potential diseases. 

At ArborScape, our tree spraying methods are carefully designed to provide essential nutrients, fight off diseases, and enhance the overall vitality of your trees. Each tree is evaluated to determine the specific type and amount of spray required, ensuring a personalized approach that respects the individual characteristics of your landscape.


Tree Insect Control Service in Greenwood Village, CO

Insects can be a silent threat to the health of your trees. A small infestation can quickly become a significant problem, damaging or killing valuable trees. Our tree insect control service in Greenwood Village, CO, is developed to tackle this issue head-on. ArborScape’s tree insect control isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We begin with a detailed inspection to identify the type and extent of the insect problem, followed by a tailored treatment plan. Utilizing environmentally responsible insecticides and techniques, we ensure that harmful pests are eradicated without causing damage to other flora and fauna.

Our arborists are trained in the latest methods and technologies, protecting your trees from common pests like emerald ash borers, aphids, mites, and many more. The goal is not merely to eliminate the immediate threat but to set up long-term safeguards that maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

Together, tree spraying and insect control services form a complete protection plan for your trees in Greenwood Village, CO. From nourishing and fortifying your trees to safeguarding them from damaging insects, ArborScape’s expert care ensures that your landscape remains vibrant and thriving. Trust our skilled team with your trees, and experience the peace of mind that comes from working with Greenwood Village’s leading Arborist/Tree and Lawn Care Company.

Lawn Care Services in Greenwood Village, CO

At ArborScape, we recognize that a well-maintained lawn adds significant value to your property and enhances your outdoor living experience.

Our comprehensive lawn care services in Greenwood Village, CO, are designed to keep your lawn lush, healthy, and beautiful throughout the year. Here’s a detailed look at what we offer:


lawn care services near me

Lawn Fertilization in Greenwood Village, CO

Proper fertilization is crucial for a vibrant and healthy lawn. We at ArborScape tailor our lawn fertilization methods to suit the specific needs of your soil and grass type. We replenish essential nutrients using premium fertilizers and a science-based approach, ensuring a lush, green lawn that stands out in your neighborhood.

Lawn Aeration in Greenwood Village, CO

Lawn aeration promotes robust root growth and improves water absorption by alleviating soil compaction. Our aeration process punctures small holes in the soil, allowing nutrients, air, and water to reach the roots, leading to a more resilient and thriving lawn.

Weed Control in Greenwood Village, CO

Unwanted weeds can compete with your grass for vital nutrients and water. Our weed control service targets these invasive plants with environmentally responsible methods, eradicating them without harming your grass or other landscape features. This specialized approach ensures that your lawn remains weed-free and beautiful.

Rock Bed/Patio Weeds in Greenwood Village, CO

Managing weeds in rock beds and patios can be a tedious task. Our team at ArborScape offers professional solutions to remove and prevent rock beds and patio weeds. Through careful treatment, we ensure that these areas of your landscape remain clean and visually appealing.

Our dedicated lawn care team in Greenwood Village, CO, goes above and beyond to understand your specific needs and preferences. 

With ArborScape, you can trust that your lawn is in expert hands. Our comprehensive lawn care services, including lawn fertilization, aeration, weed control, and rock bed/patio weed management, offer a holistic solution to your lawn’s health and beauty.

Greenwood Village: Colorado’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in the state of Colorado, Greenwood Village radiates both urban sophistication and pastoral charm. With a population nearing 15,000, this city elegantly sprawls across 8.3 square miles of diverse landscapes. From lush green parks to pristine lakes, its geography is an ode to nature’s grandeur.

One cannot discuss Greenwood Village without mentioning the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve – a tranquil oasis of trails and local wildlife, ideal for nature lovers. Additionally, families often gravitate here due to the acclaimed Cherry Creek School District, known for its educational prowess. The city’s economic heartbeat can be felt at the Denver Tech Center, housing numerous prominent corporations and startups. Cultural enthusiasts will find solace at The Curtis Center for the Arts, which stands as a beacon for art and creativity. All in all, Greenwood Village seamlessly weaves nature, commerce, and culture, making it a must-visit destination in Colorado.

Driving Directions

Frequently Asked Questions About Greenwood Village, CO

How big is Greenwood Village?

Greenwood Village encompasses an area of approximately 8.3 square miles. Located within the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metropolitan Area, it offers a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Is Greenwood Village, Colorado, a good place to live?

Greenwood Village, Colorado, is often considered a desirable place to live. With quality schools, well-maintained parks, and various dining and shopping options, it offers a high standard of living. The community is known for its friendly atmosphere and commitment to preserving natural beauty.

What is Greenwood Village, CO, known for?

Greenwood Village is known for its picturesque landscapes, upscale residential areas, and strong business community. It boasts an array of parks and trails, connecting residents with nature. The city’s dedication to arts and culture is evident through various public art installations and community events.

Is Greenwood Village expensive to live in?

Greenwood Village is generally considered an affluent community, and the cost of living can be higher than in other parts of Colorado. The area’s desirability, top-rated schools, and proximity to Denver contribute to its premium real estate prices and overall living expenses.

What county in Colorado is Greenwood Village?

Greenwood Village is located in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Its prime location near Denver and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes make it a sought-after place for residents and businesses.

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