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Landscaping Tips

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Fall Lawn Care Tactics

The leaves are beginning to fall and a slight chill is entering the Colorado air. You may find some relief that your lawn care season is over. Well according to lawn care experts, that isn’t true. Fall is just as vital to your lawn care health as spring. This post highlights some of the tactics

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Land Clearance

We Now Offer Fast and Efficient Land Clearing Services Including: Land Clearance Right of Way Clearance Survey & Fence Line Clearing Clearing for Leisure Areas Access Roads Scrub Oak Clearing and Mulching Site Clearing and Preparation We facilitate fire mitigation, clear field, and right-of-way areas, and provide bush hogging services. Environmental mulch clearing is an

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Expect Heavy Japanese Beetle Infestations in 2017 - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog

Japanese Beetle

Japanese beetles (JP) defoliate over three hundred different species of trees and leafy shrubs, but are especially attracted to linden and rose bushes. That’s just when they are adults. As grubs, they hatch in late summer and fall and are actively chewing grassroots until soil temperatures fall below 60 degrees. This can decimate root systems

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Urban Landscape

Where to Plant Trees to Best Benefit the Urban Landscape You may not be aware but when you plant a tree or just water and maintain the trees you have, you not only add cultural value (appearance, shade for sitting in the yard) to the city, but you also are planting an air cleaner and

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Aeration Nourishes Soil

Aeration nourishes the soil and this will help you achieve a green lawn.  Colorado is not the easiest place for our lawns, plants, and trees to flourish on their own. There are a few ways to help, and aeration may be an option available to help rebuild or maintain healthy lawns. We all want the

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Outdoor Living Spaces

With March blowing in like a lion, our thoughts are turning toward the outdoors and any lawn and landscaping projects for the year. I wanted to offer some new ways of looking at your yard, some new products, and services that look to be hot for 2019, and perhaps a new way to look at

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Planning Land Clearing

It’s the ultimate Colorado dream to stake out 40 acres of land, or maybe 0.4 acres in this market, either in the foothills overlooking the city, somewhere further west, or even a ranch in Bennett or Elizabeth. Once you buy that land, it may sit for a while – but eventually, you’ll need to clear

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Art of Landscape Design

I recently read The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson about the architectural challenges and triumphs of designing and building the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Daniel Burnham was the lead architect but I was fascinated by the eccentric and uncompromising, Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture and the designer of Central Park,

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tips for buying fall bulbs - Arborscape Denver Tree Service Blog

Buying Fall Bulbs

Tips for Buying Fall Bulbs If you want to herald spring with a burst of color, you’ll have to plan ahead, since many bulbs must be planted in fall. Choose a variety of early, mid, and late-season bulbs for a long season of color, and come spring, you’ll be glad you planted early. (Not sure

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Arborscape Denver Tree Service, Tree Trimming and Tree Removal - Preventing Hail Damage to the Garden, prevent garden hail damage

Prevent Hail Damage

Hailstorms are increasingly a fact of life along the Colorado Front Range. The geographical juxtaposition of eastern plains and Front Range, with clashing wind currents from all directions, is a recipe for perfect hail-producing thunderstorms. We frequently deal with sirens, severe-weather warnings, and storms producing hail of any size from a pea to a golf

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Shrub Trimming Near Me

Avoid Lawn Care Scams

There’s never a bad time to connect with a reliable, professional lawn company, but of course, Spring is prime time – and like any other prime time, scams abound in the industry. Here’s our list of tips for how to find a great lawn and landscape service without becoming a ripoff victim. Avoid door-to-door “deals”

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Colorado Hardiness Zones

What should you be doing in the yard and garden this month? It’s a perpetual question of Colorado gardeners. How do you write a reliable to-do list for Colorado gardens when we can see three seasons in a single weekend — or in a single half-day drive? It might be spring in Fort Collins, still winter in

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Fall Color Shrubs

Great Fall Color Plants for the Mountain West Fantastic Colorado fall color trees and shrubs One major reason we love Colorado living is the magnificent autumn firework display our wealth of trees provides… and the best recipe for brilliant fall foliage color combines warm days, cool nights, and plenty of sunshine — sound familiar? Try these

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Lawn Celebration Tips

10 more backyard celebration landscaping tips It’s time once again for backyard landscaping and décor! Whether it be a graduation party, prom party, or a wedding, if you’ve never tried your hand at a DIY outdoor occasion, you’ll be happily surprised at how rewarding it can be – not to mention how much money you’ll

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Landscape design tips

  Home energy efficiency landscaping is much more than an expense toward the eye appeal of your surroundings – it’s an investment in your future property value, as well as your comfort. Thoughtful landscape planning can actually generate value in excess of its initial expenditure by decreasing the expense of heating and cooling. Proper use of

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Care of Christmas Tree

Are “living trees” a practical option? Absolutely! Potted Christmas trees in containers placed in the home and watered like a houseplant, then later transplanted out into your landscaping, is a fantastic and truly “green” choice of tree. Living trees come in all sizes, from small (to use as a tabletop variety) to medium (as a

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