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10 more backyard celebration landscaping tips

10 more backyard celebration landscaping tips - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog

It’s time once again for backyard landscaping and décor! Whether it be a graduation party, prom party, or a wedding, if you’ve never tried your hand at a DIY outdoor occasion, you’ll be happily surprised at how rewarding it can be – not to mention how much money you’ll save. And it’s a great excuse to get your outside living space into the shape that will continue to please throughout the outdoor season!

Bear in mind that whipping the fundamental building blocks of your yard into top form takes designated time, a little forethought, and potentially expertise. That’s why it’s important to get help when appropriate.

Here are new tips and classic staples to get your party plans started off right!

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10 more backyard celebration landscaping tips - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blogYour landscaping is the foundation of your outdoor space, so make sure it’s looking its best first and foremost. It may be best to get professional assistance with jobs like:

  • Tree Trimming – Your trees may be overgrown or have dead and unsightly branches that are hard to get to and require special equipment. In addition to simply being unappealing, this can be a serious insurance risk to the property owner as well, so the sooner addressed, the better.
  • Plant/Tree Health Care – If one of your trees looks dead, diseased, or dying, a qualified professional plant care specialist can evaluate it to determine if it’s curable.  If not, a team can have it safely removed instead – with plenty of time to plan a replacement landscape around the loss.
  • Shrub Trimming – Trim back bushes that encroach on walkways or open spaces, so guests aren’t brushing leaves or needles off their nice suits and dresses.  Well-maintained shrubs communicate as much thoughtfulness as a neat interior – scraggly shedders tend to unnerve guests.
  • Lawn Care Maintenance – A lush lawn invites your guests to mingle and the kids to play – while a mediocre or plainly sick lawn can drive the guests inside if not just elsewhere. Your lawn may need fertilization or a contact weed killer prior to your event. Schedule early to avoid last-minute hiccups and give your lawn enough time to look its best.
  • Stump Removal – Tripping over a tree stump in low light is no fun in formalwear (or anything else). Now’s the time to hire an experienced stump grinder who cleans up your formerly lumpy stump area well.

10 more backyard celebration landscaping tips - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog

In hiring professionals you can be sure the job will be done right – and it’ll save vital time for other parts of the planning process, such as curating and pre-prepping your menu, planning your space, or personalizing your decor.

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