4 Options for a Legendary Landscape

4 Options for a Legendary Landscape

In spite of all the rain we’ve been receiving, summer is well underway. So with summer holidays and family gatherings starting up, we believe you deserve to have a lush landscape for all your celebrations. Whether it’s getting your trees pruned back, or coming up with a weed control treatment plan, ArborScape has your back.

Whether you’ve just moved to the area, or you’re native-born, ArborScape is here to help you with all your horticulture needs. Our arborists and technicians know the Colorado landscape well enough to know exactly what your trees and plants need to thrive in this environment.

Our tree services, whether commercial or residential, are sustained by three concepts; appearance, safety, and health of the tree. We trim to keep trees from becoming prone to pests or diseases, and offer tree spraying services should any of the sort appear. We also trim or prune due to hazardous conditions, whether there’s a dead limb (or several) that could fall and cause harm to you or your home. But in spite of all that, we believe you deserve to have the yard of your dreams! So we can prune your trees to look even and beautiful to add to your yard’s aesthetic.

4 Options for a Legendary Landscape

Here at ArborScape, we know that the healthiest trees will last the longest, and give you the most benefits. So routine maintenance and upkeep are a necessity for a gorgeous landscape. We offer a number of treatments meant for your trees, plants, and lawn so you can enjoy your yard without too much worry.

Maintaining the Landscape

We’ve got four main treatment plans that can help you achieve and maintain a healthy landscape for your yard.

  • Root Stimulator for Trees
  • Weed Control
  • Insect Control
  • Planting

Our root stimulator for trees assists the soil in surrounding areas replenish nutrients for your plants to grow amidst our arid climate. This treatment assists with root development, but especially the fine root hair development, which helps the roots broaden their surface area so as to absorb more water and nutrients. However, each tree may need something different, so check out what other fertilizer options we have.

More than that, we know that with all the precipitation, those bothersome weeds are spurting fast. But you can go ahead and check that off your list of worries because we also have weed control options to suit your landscape’s needs and your own personal desires. After an accurate diagnosis of your yard, our technicians will choose the proper treatment plan to deal with your weeds. Whether you need a pre-emergent to deal with anything before it grows, spot-spraying throughout the season, or getting into the cracks along your curb, we’ve got you covered.

Even more, we use herbicidal treatments to keep the rest of your plants and potential pollinators safe throughout the year.

And speaking of pollinators, not every insect is bad for your yard. However, there are some pesky critters that can eat away at the health of your plants. Several in particular include the Emerald Ash Borer, Mountain Pine Beetles, Ash Borers, IPS Bark Beetles, and many more. But to counter these pests, we’ve got an array of insect control treatments to keep your plants safe.

We opt for spray treatments for some to act as a contact prevention or curative agent. We also can inject treatments straight into the cambium layers (the bark of the tree), which can be efficient in that it has a lesser chance of entering the groundwater supply- ensuring the soil’s nutrients stay intact. We also sometimes stick to fertilizers as an indirect solution to potential pests or other diseases they may bring on. Adding these nutrients can help bolster the tree’s defense system.

The timing of any of these treatments can be critical! We want to make sure your yard stays lush and healthy year after year, so don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate on the well-being of your trees, plants, and lawn. 

And if you’re trying to tackle a lackluster landscape, we’ve got you covered there too. Call and ask us about our arborist consultation service. Our arborists are certified in multiple disciplines and have proven to be vital in their vast knowledge of tree horticulture when it comes to the multiple benefits of a lush landscape.

We’d love to help you decide on what to plant, where to plant, and the proper care your new plants need afterward. We work with nurseries in the Denver area and love to help our community with any and all tree care needs. And since we know the Denver landscape so well, we can assist with transplanting native species into your yard, or aid in information about potentially diversifying your yard in a way that helps the landscape thrive.

So let ArborScape continue to happily serve our Denver community by contacting us today at (303) 806-8733 for a free estimate on how we can treat your trees and plants so you can enjoy a lush landscape for all your summer celebrations.

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