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The emerald ash borer (EAB) is a metallic green flying beetle that is known to bore into and kills ash trees it infests. With Boulder’s outbreak of emerald ash borer back in 2013, the devastating spread of infestation has caused massive numbers of ash tree deaths. Since Boulder has lost so many trees, and the State of Colorado feared transmitting this insect throughout the state, a type of quarantine was instituted to limit the spread of the beetle and the lumber the EAB infests.

Emerald Ash Borer is Nationwide

The EAB not only affects Colorado, it’s a nationwide epidemic. Although its origins are from Asia, it traveled to the US and does not have the natural predators in our area to manage the beetle’s devastating influence on ash trees. In Asia, the EAB is kept in check with the area’s natural predators. In the United States, there are some states currently releasing EAB predators to help with the problem. In 2015, Boulder released a parasitic wasp to help control the pest and its larvae.

Are Denver Ash Trees in Danger?

Are Denver ash trees in danger? Ash trees are still in danger across the US if the Emerald Ash Borer travels or is transported through lumber or other means into our areas. Unfortunately, Denver and the surrounding areas are not immune. For this reason, Denver has sparked the “Be a Smart Ash” initiative.

Denver Sparks “Be a Smart Ash” Initiative

The Be a Smart Ash Initiative is the City of Denver’s proactive way to deal with the Emerald Ash Borer before it infests our area. Since it’s already in Boulder and has killed so many ash trees in that area, it’s important that we continue to be aware of the insect and do whatever it takes to save our ash trees. The initiative information indicates that 1 in 6 trees in Denver are ash trees and shows readers how to identify ash trees and EAB infestations.
Read more about the Be a Smart Ash initiative here.

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