Newest Family Member

Please join us to welcome our newest family member! This beautiful baby is brand new and we are overjoyed to have this new addition to our family. Our new baby girl, officially known as ArborScape’s 2017 Altec Freightliner, is on her way to reaching skylines in our community.

Welcome ArborScape's Newest Family Member - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog


David Merriman, owner of ArborScape, found this bucket truck of his own accord. Once he decided it was such a positive and profitable addition, he jumped on a flight to North Carolina to retrieve the new purchase. As you know, it’s a long drive from North Carolina to Colorado, but it is well worth what the new addition will add to the team. ArborScape can now serve you faster and better with our brand new bucket. This means more jobs able to be scheduled sooner and done faster. With this Altec, this is the third bucket added to our fleet of Arborscape vehicles able to service our customer base.


We would like to thank you. You are our loyal customers and your continued support of our services and business makes it possible to add our new baby to the fleet. We will take good care of our new baby so she will best serve all your needs. We will all we need to do to keep our new baby girl well maintained. We have a mechanic on the jobsite who specifically handles all our vehicle maintenance and customization. Not only will we add our logo to the vehicle, but we are likely to adjust it as we have learned the best way to provide tree services and standard vehicles usually do not allow efficient and effective workflow of a job from start to finish.


We humbly thank you again for making it possible to add our new baby girl to the family!

Welcome ArborScape’s Newest Family Member

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