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Weird Weather & Plant Health Care

Weird Weather & Plant Health Care

Are you concerned about the heat? Or the cold? Will tomorrow be damp or dry? Will we get more hail? Or maybe more tornados? Well if you’re looking for plant health care in Denver, reign those worries in. ArborScape is here to help you with all your tree and plant health needs. 

In spite of all the rapid weather changes we’ve been experiencing here in the Denver Metro area, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded what they’ve noted as “the hottest” day ever on July 3, 2023.

With an average global air temperature hitting 62 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sea’s surface temperature holding at 69 degrees Fahrenheit, this record-high has been holding straight for the past three days!

Records also note that this heat is likely due to all the heatwaves in the US and Europe in combination with the El Nino phenomenon raising the sea surface temperatures.

El Nino is most recognized as the warming of the sea surface temperatures rises in the tropical eastern Pacific.

While it may be common for the heat to spring up out of nowhere, some of these weather conditions have had a huge impact on not just our lives, but the lives of our trees and plants.

That’s why calling the top company for plant health care in Denver should be your number one priority. 

Even though Colorado is now officially out of drought for the first time since 2019, there are still things to consider when it comes to the overall health of your yard. Plant Health Care In Denver is pertinent to maintaining a healthy landscape.

Trees and plants of all types need different amounts of water to grow correctly. Too much – or too little – can be detrimental to not only the specific plant but also the surrounding areas. 

Plant Health Care in Denver

Too much water can reduce oxygen in the soil and damage the fine roots, basically drowning your plants. This can also prevent the plants from properly absorbing nutrients.

So if you’re seeing any leaves looking like autumn came early, it’s likely your plants need a little extra care.  plant health care in denver

Meanwhile, extreme heat can also cause an equal amount of damage to your trees and plants. Drought stress is fairly typical for our arid climate, so some native species thrive in this environment.

However, many trees and plants can still feel the stress that lack of water produces.

Another issue to consider with extreme heat is how it affects the way your trees and plants grow.

While more heat can lead to a longer growing season, we’ve seen that the quicker a tree grows, the more structurally weaker the tree can be.

This can lead to flimsy branches that break easily, and weak bark that act as an invitation for pests and fungi to nestle into.

Moreover, extreme heat in landscapes that remain ignored can lead to wildfires.

Wildfires can be caused by a combination of things, like playing with matches, improper disposal of fireworks, etc. But the underlying cause is extreme heat in areas of massive undergrowth mixed with dry and/or decaying trees. 

Plants and trees that go too long without care or treatment are extremely susceptible to and are proponents of these types of disasters. While your singular tree or shrub may not be in danger of fanning these flames, that doesn’t mean further damage won’t occur.

However, don’t take this as a sign to overwater your plants. Plant health care in Denver requires a healthy balance of the elements to grow and keep stable.

Too much water can bring about root rot and doesn’t allow room for the roots to grow and expand the way they should to absorb nutrients. 

Now, you’re likely more than capable of watering your plants and yard, but sometimes calling in the experts is the right choice when sporadic weather causes sporadic changes to your terrain.

Our certified arborists and knowledgeable technicians are here for any concerns you may have.

ArborScape has been in business for nearly 30 years, so we’re quite familiar with the area. Even with all this wild weather, we know the terrain and what plant health care in Denver really means.

So if you have any concerns or questions, give us a call at (303) 806-8733 for a free estimate on treatment options so your yard looks stunning no matter the weather.

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