Our Services in Stapleton

We help tree service clients in the 11 neighborhoods in Stapleton with soil development, tree and plant health care and sod and lawn restoration. If your trees are struggling, we can help with,

  • tree pruning to optimize health and longevity
  • Fertilization to make sure the tree is health and gets the nutrients important for roots and soil health
  • Year round services to protect again drought in winter and summer
  • Complying with landscaping ordinances in your neighborhood

Failure to maintain landscaping to the Stapleton Community Standard includes

  • Allowing trees, shrubs and hedges to become unsightly, diseased or dead
  • Lawns getting over-grown with weeds
  • Dead grass or sod not promptly replaced
  • Dead trees not promptly removed and replaced
  • If any of the above sounds familiar, WE CAN HELP!


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Guidelines for Stapleton Landscaping

While each of the neighborhoods are under different management, one common aspect of the soil, dating from the neighborhoods preceding status as an airport. And that is soil compaction or soil that is packed together. The problem with soil compaction is that air, water and nutrients have a harder time entering the soil. This occurred from decades of runways and assorted airport traffic. AS well as wind from the open spaces which desicated or “dried-out” the soil.

Like the Stapleton MSA, we strive to use pesticides as our last line of defense. When we do recommend a pesticide treatment, it is applied within the rules and regulations of the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Colorado Department of Public Health.

We offer a free evaluation if your tree or lawn are struggling.

Our tree pest control is flexible and we offer options for both soil injections and tree spraying if pesticide defense is recommended. Tree injections leave less of an environmental footprint but take longer to be effective since the chemicals injected have to proper uptake by the tree. A tree spraying is sometimes recommended if aphids or other leaf – eating insects are already doing damage to the canopy and fast, defensive action is needed.

We follow all the standards of the Stapleton community guidelines in regards to landscaping and tree work. Our main goal is to help provide a more livable environment for you!





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