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3 Spring Cleaning Options

3 Spring Cleaning Options

Now that spring has finally arrived, your flowers, trees, and other plants have finally begun to blossom. But as the snow melts, you’re probably finding yourself with a bit of cleanup in your yard or garden. Whether it’s weeds beginning to pop up or bugs infesting your trees, ArborScape is here to assist with your spring cleaning. 

Spring Cleaning Through Weedingspring cleaning weeds

One thing you’re sure to notice is the weeds starting to sprout up. While they’re certainly not the worst of pests in the garden, they can still be a detriment to your soil and surrounding plants. Weeds have a tendency to take up too much space while absorbing the nutrients meant for your garden. In order to avoid this added stress to your plants, ArborScape has a few options to choose from to keep your yard clean and fresh and out of the grubby control of crabgrass, goosegrass, and barnyard grass.

Our pre-emergent is a granular product that needs to be watered in, but targets broadleaf weed seeds even before they begin to grow. We also offer spot spraying throughout the season to ensure clear walkways, rock beds, and yards. 

Many weeds can be difficult to keep under control as they spread quickly once the weather warms up, and many types of weeds can produce thousands of seeds per plant or are carried by various winds only to propagate in your yard and will spread along the ground until reaching a certain root structure to “vine up”- or pop up out of the soil.

While hand weeding may help in certain situations, most weeds need specific applications once, twice, or even several times a year in order to keep the weeds tamed and your soil healthy.

Spring Cleaning Through Aeration

spring cleaning aeration

Another option for keeping your lawn healthy is investing in our aeration service. Due to the dryer climate here in Denver, aeration is a great benefit for your lawn as it aids in soil breathing and water absorption. Getting this service done twice a year- the spring and fall, can help avoid the turf from becoming too compact for any further plant growth.

And to go the extra step in keeping your plants healthy, take a look at our insect sprays. While microorganisms and bugs are bound to be outside in your yard, some insects can bring all types of fungi and other diseases to your trees, so it’s important to differentiate between friend and foe in your garden. Here at ArborScape, we offer customized treatment plans based on the condition of your trees or plants to help get them into the best possible shape so your yard can stay healthy all year long.

Spring Cleaning Through Insect Sprays

spring cleaning pesticide

While some insects and bugs do amazing work for your yard, there are many types that can do tremendous damage. We offer a few different types of methods to control insects and diseases in your plants. Our pesticide sprays has proven to be the most effective method as a contact prevention and curative agent.

However, some insect and fungus problems can occur deep within the bark of the tree, so injections straight into the tree will be your best bet in maintaining plant health. But sometimes a specific fertilizer or water can prove to be a great indirect solution for insect prevention. Aiding the nutrients already in the soil can help bolster your tree’s natural defense system, resulting in a healthier tree able to withstand the natural elements.

At ArborScape, we have a whole host of insect sprays to learn about. From our preventative ash borer done in the spring to our elm leaf beetle spray to control beetle growth to our general insect sprays that help control aphids, mites, and caterpillars, and even our IPS beetle treatment- a preventative spray against IPS and mountain pine beetles. 

So keep your eye out for tree insects that could potentially damage your plants, such as the Emerald Ash Borer, an exotic insect that feeds underneath the outer bark of ash trees and disrupts water and nutrient flow inside the tree. There’s also the Mountain Pine Beetle that typically attacks weaker trees damaged from old age, crowding, or drought. 

Meanwhile, spider mites are a little easier to identify by flecking, discoloration, or scorched leaves. And aphids are common insects present throughout the entire season- so keeping those under control is of the utmost importance to maintaining plant health.

The key to keeping your plants clean and healthy is all about balance. Maintaining a healthy yard can be tricky, but with the proper treatments and applications, your plants are sure to flourish and bloom. Not sure where to start? Our arborists and technicians are here to help guide you through proper treatments, correct soil deficiencies, and monitor and provide pest control to keep your yard healthy. So call us today for a free estimate on how to start your spring cleaning today. 

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