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Simple Storm-Blown Stump Removal

Simple Storm-Blown Stump Removal

Ever wonder how we remove a storm-blown stump? Those of you who experienced the tornado in Highlands Ranch recently are probably extra curious about how we remove the stumps from all those felled trees.

With ArborScape’s usual stump-grinding services, the tree is usually standing upright, meaning all we have to do is trim and remove the tree before bringing in the equipment needed for stump-grinding.

How we grind stumps usually depends on the size of the tree and how deep the roots have grown. In some cases, we’re able to dig the stump out by hand and leave treatment for any leftover root fibers so nothing grows back in that area.

However, sometimes we need to bring in the masticator for those large trees that just don’t want to budge. It’s through this process that we’re able to chip away at the stump and reuse it to place an even layer of mulch over the site. 

In many cases, this is the same routine we use for storm-blown stump removal; there just may be an extra step or fewer steps in some instances.

Storm-Blown Stump Removal

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We still cut up the felled tree into smaller pieces to haul away easily, but since it’s already fallen there’s less concern about space. 

And since the stump is on its side, complete with upended roots, we go in with clippers or a chainsaw to remove the suspended roots until it’s the perfect size to either dig up or masticate.

In the words of our owner, “We cut the part that’s up, then the rest”. Simple, and straight to the point.

What goes up will come down, so whatever roots and layers of dirt are suspended up from the felled tree will get cut up and off until the stump is clean and round enough for us to work with.

Check out our website to learn more about our stump removal process.

Here at ArborScape, our arborists and technicians make sure to stay up to code and are insured in all areas for your peace of mind. And if you’ve had any storm damage, we’re happy to help where we can.

Call us for a free estimate at (303) 806-8733 and to learn more about how we can help with any storm-blown stump removals.

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