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Tree Care

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Maple Tree Care

Maple Trees Are A Sturdy, Well-Regarded Species. If You Are Planting A Maple, We Recommend Avoiding Silver Maples As They Have Brittle Branches, Tend To Have Roots That Crawl The Surface, And Are More Likely To Hollow Out Later In Life. Autumn Blaze Maple We Also Avoid it Due To Brittle Branch Structure. Both These

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Aspen Tree Care

The SHOCKING Truth About Aspen Trees Is That They Aren’t Even Meant To Be Planted Below 6,000 Feet! You Can Look It Up. That’s Why Proven Aspen Tree Cares Needed To Give Them The Cultural Foundation They Need To Survive At The Lower Altitude Of Denver Metro. Since They’re A “Stand” (Group) Tree, They Die-Off

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Walnut Tree Care

Walnut Tree Care   Walnut Treee Care In Denver Includes Taking Care Of Many Black Walnut Which Is Hampered By 1000 Canker, Among Other Conditions. A Growing Concern As It Sweeps From West To East Across The US, 1000 Canker Is Distinguished By Little Sores On The Branches Which Multiply Across The Branches And Trunk

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Pine Tree

Pines Are An Iconic Part Of The Colorado Landscape. Ponderosa, Scotch, Lodge-Pole, And Austrian Pines Are Just A Few Of The Species You Will Encounter In Denver. Any Discussion About Pine Tree Health Is Really A Discussion About Beetles Such As The IPS Beetle And The Mountain Pine Beetle. Since Pine Grow All Year Long, The

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Emerald Ash Borer

Colorado ash tree owners have been understandably nervous since the detection of emerald ash borer (EAB) in September 2013.  Further studies have identified the age of the infestation as being between nine years old. Where in Colorado is the emerald ash borer? As of 2020, EAB is confirmed in: Boulder County Longmont Superior Lafayette Broomfield

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