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Tree Care

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Deep Root fertilization

Colorado is considered rough terrain for plants and wildlife alike. This is due to our inconsistent climate and tendency to dryness.  Denver has temperatures that range from below zero in the winter,  to 100­°-plus in the summer!  Then dry winds whip across the High Rockies and into the Front Range, leaving only the hardiest plants

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First Graduates

As of April 24th, ArborScape Inc. is proud to announce the first graduates of our brand new arborist apprenticeship program. Congratulations to our five new graduates in becoming some of the first Arborist Journeymen in Colorado! We are looking forward to starting our next group of apprentices as soon as we can, and we wish

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Winter Tree Watering

The last thing most of our clients want to do on a Sunday afternoon in winter is unpacked their garden hose to water their trees. We don’t blame you – but if you don’t see that your landscape trees get *sufficient* water, don’t be surprised when they’re suffering next summer. Here’s what the CSU website

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Tree Diseases

Trees are the lungs of the world; literally they are connected with our lungs.  Trees are also inter-connected with each other and with the general landscape. The removal of a tree influences the entire canopy – thus changing the balance of your yard. The right balance in your yard and in your neighborhood is generally

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Good trees to plant

Spring is here and now is a preferred time to plant some trees. Colorado and Parker are hard areas to grow in because of the dry summers and the harsh winters.  The fact is, most trees prefer consistency and have a hard time with the extreme weather here in Colorado. Because of this, the Colorado Tree

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Stressed Tree Sign

Trees might not throw a tantrum or get angry when stressed as we do, but they do have ways of showing that they are stressed. It’s a different kind of stress as well. Sort of like when we are hungry and get irritable. With trees it’s that they are thirsty and or hungry, reaching out

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Winter Pruning Begins

Winter tree trimming of fruit trees and other species vulnerable to blight such as, crabapple pear peach apple elm hawthorn Trimming of these trees will begin January 2nd and commence through the end of February. No need to wait for us to reach out to you if you have already received a free estimate but

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Ready for Winter?

CBS Denver is predicting heavy, wet snow for the upcoming winter.  Are your trees ready for it? Here is how you can tell.  Mature trees that haven’t been trimmed in more than 4 years might be vulnerable to broken branches. This is especially true for ash and maple trees. When we address a trim on

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Symptoms of Emerald Ash

If you own an ash tree and live in Colorado, an emerald ash borer threatens your tree. Six Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borer Emerald ash borer is a metallic green color. It is approximately a half-inch long with a flat back. There are purple markings beneath the wing covers. The larva will be creamy-white with

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2018 High Plains Drought Conditions Intensifying on ArborScape Denver Tree Service tree care blog

Drought Conditions

Drought is tightening its grip across the Southwest and High Plains regions as extreme-dry conditions spread throughout the area, per NOAA’s High Plains Regional Climate Center data released May 8th, 2018 On the southern high plains, Oklahoma remains ground zero for the worst drought conditions in the United States; about 20 percent of the state is facing “exceptional

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Preventing Codling Moth

Hobbyist apple growers may dream of eating backyard apples only to discover that worms have overtaken the fruit. The culprit is typically codling moth – and those worms are actually pupating larvae, aka caterpillars. The Codling moth is a common fruit insect, attacks a variety of fruit trees, including apple and pear trees. The female

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Damaged Trees

Denver Metro Resources for Damaged Tree Debris Many of our Denver-area neighbors may have downed branches in the yard or sidewalk – here’s a handy list for major cities detailing how to get branches cleaned up and recycled, and other tree debris disposal.       Need help? Call us at 303-806-TREE or Click here to schedule

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Kermes Scale

Is your Oak tree looking sick, scraggly, droopy, or all of the above? It could be due to the insect Kermes scale. What’s that? Kermes scale is an insect pest of red and white oak trees, as well as the pin and Gambrel oaks. Northern Red Oaks often become infested with the Kermes scale, in particular,

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Certified Arborist

Why hire a certified arborist? A Certified ISA Arborist goes through stringent training and testing earning the privilege to care for trees for a living and maintain the requisite business licenses and insurance appropriate to professional practitioners. Certified arborists are trained in the science of tree care, maintenance, and management. It takes years of education,

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Apple tree with fire blight

Symptoms of Fire Blight

Want to know what to look for when it comes to This Deadly disease? You can Read further to properly identify the symptoms of fire blight. Begin watching for fireblight infections in early spring during periods of wet weather. This is when the bacteria begin to produce ooze. Visual symptoms first appear on the flowers

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ArborScape Denver Premier Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Service 2016 Emerald Ash Borer Roundup

Ash Wood Put To Use

Boulder County puts EAB-killed ash wood to use Great coverage from KUNC on an uplifting story of lemons to lemonade. As we know, in 2013 the invasive ash pest Emerald Ash Borer was detected in Boulder County – the furthest west this devastating parasite has so far spread. This prompted a quarantine to prevent ash wood

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Protecting and Caring for Your Trees During Drought - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog

Tree Care During Drought

Protecting and Caring for Your Trees During Drought Colorado is a semi-arid, shortgrass prairie with fluctuating weather patterns and an inconsistent climate that makes growing trees challenging.  Drought only compounds the challenges. During times of drought, there are several effective watering methods recommended to ensure trees receive the required moisture. When to Water During Drought

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Poster Contest Winner!

The winner of the 2015 Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest, co-sponsored by ArborScape and the Colorado Tree Coalition, is Steck Elementary’s, Nick Babiak.  Nick’s poster, on the theme, Celebrate Trees in our Community, along with all winning posters from each school, will be on display at the state Capitol Building beginning Monday the 27th and extending

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