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Tree Removal

January 16, 2019 – You can save 10% on tree work when taking advantage of our low-cost winter rates. This could save you hundreds of dollars, especially on large tree removals which can range from $1,000 for an average ornamental, to $4,000 for large cottonwoods.

On a deal like that 10% off really adds up!

One question you may have is whether a tree can be properly trimmed in the winter? The answer is yes. In fact, since the tree is dormant, it loses none of the energy intake which can occur when trimming it in the summer. Our arborist team is trained to remove dead branches and twigs based on appearance, flexibility, and past maintenance history.

These are obvious to a trained eye whether the leaf canopy is present or not. Certainly, with the tree lacking leaves, it may seem like it’s hard to know what to leave and what to take. But our trimming approach is independent of that consideration no matter what time of year the trimming is done.

It’s the branching structure that we use to bring the tree into ideal form and health.

Get 10% Off Winter Work - Free quote

Of course, once you receive your free estimate, you can discuss further with the estimator about our trimming process.

Clearly, for a tree removal, whether it’s winter or summer doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the money you can save.

So contact us for a free estimate and present this coupon. Also, feel free to share the coupon with a friend.


Tree Removal



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