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Trustworthy Tree Spraying

Trustworthy Tree Spraying

A lush, healthy landscape can provide a diverse ecosystem in your yard, attracting all sorts of pollinators that aid in the spread of nutrients. But when your trees or shrubs begin to get stressed (which can happen for a myriad of reasons), they start attracting the wrong type of bugs. That’s where ArborScape comes in. We offer timely tree spraying to target these pests and keep your tree healthy, so they stay away for good.

With the heat suddenly swooping in and our trees in bloom, you’re sure to notice the annual emergence of grubs and larvae. If you’re wondering why your trees are attracting these pests in the first place, it’s likely due to some type of stress. 

Stressed trees can be caused by our sporadic weather conditions causing fungal infections, or the proximity to the sun causing droughts. But plants can also get stressed from the lack of nutrients in our natural soils or even the placement of where it’s been planted. 

Think of a tree like our own bodies; the better we take care of it, the less likely we are to develop diseases or other illnesses. However, there can be a variety of factors, such as environment or genetics, that can make trees (and us) more susceptible to other ailments.

This is why we offer multiple tree spraying services throughout the season that target multiple aspects of a tree’s health- by consistently providing the best nutrients, the less prone it is to infestations. More than that, it targets multiple generations of pests to make sure they don’t create further damage during their dormancy season.

This is also why it’s important to get on a consistent tree spraying schedule once you notice the issue. Despite the treatments, once the pests get into your tree, they’ll keep wanting to go back. Not to mention, every season has given us different weather patterns in the past few years here, thus bringing about different issues to our urban canopy.

Tree Spraying

Because of this, we use a traditional insecticide consisting of diluted Orthene that targets mites, aphids, and caterpillars. This tree spraying treatment can be used on nearly every tree and shrub except for flowering shrubs and fruit-bearing trees; we want to make sure we don’t harm helpful pollinators in your yard.

And if you’re worried about dogs or kids playing in the yard after the treatment, allow us to ease your minds. Our chemicals have a strong bonding agent that makes it unharmful once it dries, which only takes about 20-30 minutes. After that, they can roam wild!

Another pest to keep an eye out for is the emerald ash borer. This pest can be exceptionally dangerous because they burrow quickly, and ash trees make up 15% of our urban canopy. So, to ensure our ash trees stay safe, we offer annual tree spraying for borers, or injections every other year to protect your ash tree.

When it comes to the emerald ash borer, you’ll walk to keep an eye out for missing leaves at the top of your ash tree, vertical splits in the truck, and D-shaped exit holes.

If you’ve noticed these pests in your yard, you won’t want to hesitate to call us for some professional tree spraying. If left for too long, these pests can cause irreversible damage to your trees and yard.

And don’t forget! Tree spraying is a timely treatment, which is why we’re starting our general insect sprays and EAB injections now, so get on our schedule asap so we can take care of your yard! Give us a call at (303) 806-TREE (8733) for a free estimate.

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