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Remarkable Weed-Free Rock Beds

Remarkable Weed-Free Rock Beds

Getting frustrated at all the work you’re putting in to get those personalized weed-free rock beds? You may be shocked or excited (or both) to learn that thanks to all this rain, Colorado is no longer considered to be in drought.

However, since the seasons are acting up, we know it’s hard to miss all the weeds popping up all over. From your lawn to your rock beds, and the cracks in your curb.

But ArborScape is here with plenty of options so you can enjoy weed-free rock beds all season long.

Rock beds are an amazing way to conserve water. Lawns typically require over half a gallon of water for every square foot there is, so depending on the size of your yard, you might be using a lot more water than you think. Especially due to our dry climate up here.

These rock beds can certainly add definition and personality to your yard, but they’re certainly an investment you want to keep looking clean and beautiful for as long as possible.

Weeds can be a deterrent here. And while some of you don’t mind getting out in the sunshine to do the weeding yourself, calling in the professionals can save you a lot of time and energy.

If you have any type of yard, whether a garden, rock bed, lawn, etc; you know what it takes to get through just a few feet of weeding. Even though weeds can be small as individuals, the brunt of their appearance can go a long way.

Meanwhile, using professional weeders, or even an herbicide, has been shown to shave off 85% of the weeding time. that means more time for you to kick back and enjoy the summer without throwing your back out to make your yard look stunning after all the storm damage we’ve dealt with this season.

Choosing which treatment can be challenging, especially with how many options there are to pick from. That’s just yet another reason to have a professional come and take a look at what your lawn or rock bed specifically needs.

After we figure out the right treatment, we can get you on the schedule so you don’t have to stress over finding the time to get all that work done.

Getting Those Weed-Free Rock Beds

Here at ArborScape, we offer granule pre-emergents in May, which are great for controlling a broad spectrum of weed species when applied to the soil surface and watered in.

Then in July we typically start our post-emergent, which is incredibly effective at controlling crabgrass, foxtail, goose grass, and barnyard grass. weed-free rock beds

We also have options for general summer sprays which help kill established weeds by entering through the leaves or roots.

These options work amazingly for your lawn, rock beds, patios, and even mulched areas of your yard. These treatments, though seemingly small, can make a world of difference to your yard.

Don’t wait for weeds to cause damage to your flowerbeds or walkways, let our knowledgeable arborists and technicians help you out in obtaining stunning weed-free rock beds so you can show off your yard at all your fun summer celebrations. 

Unlike other companies, we don’t need to come out once a month to ensure your weeds stay gone. We work hard to find the best treatment plan to give you the best results.

While some yards may need more help, our weed sprays and injections are usually just a one-off to get you through the season hassle-free.

So if weed-free rock beds sound like a better option to you, give us a call at (303) 806-8733 to schedule a free estimate for us to come out and see what type of treatment your rock beds and curb cracks may need.

We believe that the little things do matter, and we’re here to help maintain all the work you’ve diligently put into your yard.

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