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Damaged Trees

Denver Metro Resources for Damaged Tree Debris

Many of our Denver-area neighbors may have downed branches in the yard or sidewalk – here’s a handy list for major cities detailing how to get branches cleaned up and recycled, and other tree debris disposal.



ArborScape's Denver metro resources for storm-damaged tree debris disposal


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City of Arvada
The city does not have any drop-off locations at this time.

City of Aurora
Most trash companies will pick up a branch and tree debris, as long as the bundles of wood are no longer than four feet in length and 12 inches in diameter. Call and check with your residential trash hauling company. Most trash haulers will accept tree branches as long as they are cut, stacked, and/or bundled in certain manners. As an alternative option, Aurora is served by two landfills; Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site at 3500 S. Gun Club Road and BFI Tower Road Landfill at 88th Avenue and Tower Road.
The city does not take tree trimmings from private citizens to make into mulch.

City of Boulder
Tree damage will be assessed over the next week to determine priority sites. Limbs on the ground will be considered a lower priority while hanging limbs still up in the tree will be a higher priority. Report any tree damage that is in the Public Right of Way or trees that are over streets and sidewalks to the City of Boulder Parks & Recreation Forestry Division at 303-441-4406. The Forestry Division does not care for trees on private property. If you need to contract with a specialist, the city recommends using an arborist licensed by the City of Boulder.

City of Denver
If a tree limb is broken on a tree within a public right-of-way, or you have general questions about the condition of a public right-of-way tree, please contact Denver Forestry for assistance. For trees on private property, residents can find a list of licensed and insured tree care contractors. If emergency removal of a fallen tree or tree branch is needed to clear a street, the city can assist, however, the cost of the work will be billed to the responsible property owner.

Small limbs may be recycled at the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-Off Center located at Quebec and Cherry Creek Drive South during certain daytime hours. There is no after-hours disposal. Larger limbs, bundles of branches more than four feet long, and more than 50 pounds require drop-off at a special site, or a property owner may dispose of it at a landfill or hire a contractor. When a tree or limb is blocking safe access to the street or right-of-way, Denver Forestry has an on-call contractor remove the limb or tree and bills the property owner for the work. If a limb or tree is not interfering with the safe access of a street or right-of-way, the property owner may be given 24 hours to perform the work themselves or contract with a licensed tree contractor.

City of Lakewood
Sidewalks and streets must be kept free of obstruction from vegetation including trees and bushes according to the Municipal Code. To report a concern call 720-963-5240 or report it using Request Lakewood.

City of Littleton
Property owners are responsible for clearing and disposing of smaller branches that fall in the street or block the sidewalk. City crews may clear streets that are blocked by large branches or trees. Call 303-795-3969 to report any blocked streets or hazardous situations. By code, tree contractors must be licensed by the City of Littleton. A list of licensed tree contractors is available on the city website.   Also, private company Jensen Sales accepts (drop-off only) soil, grass, tree branches, unpainted wood scraps, and sawdust.

City of Westminster
Residents can recycle their tree limbs on the second Saturday of the month, March through October, from 8 a.m. to noon. Limbs can be any length but must be less than 8 inches in diameter. The limb drop-off site is located on the south side of Standley Lake Regional Park and can be accessed through the “old” main entrance to the park, which is a gated entry on the north side of 88th Avenue between Independence Drive and Kipling Street. For more information, call 303-658-2341.

Douglas County
The County provides a drop-off location for slash (tree branches and limbs) and provides free mulch disbursement at the end of the season. For more information,  contact 303-660-7480.

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