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Worthwhile Denver Watering

Worthwhile Denver Watering

It’s important to water your plants correctly, especially here in Denver, where we’re that much closer to the sun. 

Our arid climate combined with the UV index makes our trees and plants much more susceptible to drought and stress. 

But never fear! ArborScape is here to show you how to do Denver watering the right way.

There are different tips and tricks for watering your plants and trees, but knowing how much water they need and when they need it is an important part of the Denver watering process.

Denver Watering

For instance, your tree will need much more water when it’s young or even freshly planted. 

With these types of trees, you’ll want to start out slowly and closer to the trunk so its roots and the surrounding soil can absorb the water until the area is saturated.

For the first couple of weeks, you’ll want to water your new tree daily. And for the next 3-12 weeks, you should take care to water your trees every 2-3 days.

But be cautious! There is a delicate balance when it comes to Denver watering.

 It’s still possible to overwater your trees, causing young roots to drown and therefore become unable to grow into the majestic beings they are.

Using a slower method for your Denver watering is the way to go! A drip hose method or a homemade basic is usually the best option to keep the tree roots from drowning. 

It can be somewhat of an arduous process, but the results are well worth it!

Meanwhile, watering mature trees is slightly different.

denver watering

When it comes to watering your mature trees, you’ll want to go just outside the canopy line to start watering.

When we water outside the canopy line, it allows the proper roots – feeder roots – to get the right amount of water so the trunk can absorb everything properly to be as healthy as possible. 

The roots that grow lower into the ground are meant for soil absorption and stability of the tree.

But there’s more to Denver watering than just location; it’s also important to get the proper amount of water for these mature trees as well.

The amount of water your mature tree needs is dependent on the size and age of the tree. Not only that, but time of the year, precise location, soil type, etc. Traditionally though, we recommend using about 1-2 inches of water every two weeks during the growing season.

The dormant season, however, is a little different. Despite the snow we get in the winter, it can still be extremely dry and windy here.

So here at ArborScape, we keep up with our Denver watering to ensure your trees and plants get enough water during the rougher months.

Here in Denver, watering is important during the winter to ensure strong roots that can grow during the following season. Because of how cold it can get, roots can sometimes have a difficult time absorbing everything even from the snow.

One of the ways we ensure your trees and plants remain healthy with our winter watering service is by ensuring we water when it’s above 40 degrees and in the middle of the day so that there’s enough time for the water to be absorbed during the day while it’s warm enough.

Additionally, it helps when there’s no snow on the ground so that the water can slowly trickle down to the roots without any issues.

Even with all the precipitation we’ve gotten this year, Denver watering is incredibly important if you want healthy trees to last. Give us a call at (303) 806-8733 if you’re interested in our winter watering service, or check out our website for more information.

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