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Denver Tree Service and Lawn Services

ArborScape is a Denver tree service and lawn services specialist. Check out our latest reviews.

Denver Christmas Tree Recycling is back for another season!
It's just $20 for curbside pickup starting in January. We fill up quickly, so schedule your pickup today and take a little bit of post-holiday stress off your plate.
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November, 2014 - Out of Firewood - Check Back in 30 Days

We are now scheduling 2015 tree trimming, tree spraying and tree removal. We offer free tree service estimates throughout the Denver metro area including Castle Rock. Contact us for a quote.

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Tree Trimming

Get your tree trimmed so it stays healthy and vibrant. Trimming trees and shrubs enhance safety, health and beauty. Using National Tree Care Standards, best practices for pruning in Denver, and continuing education, ArborScape’s tree technicians trim your tree based on its needs.

Plant Health Care (PHC) is more than just tree spraying. Trees thrive from good cultural practices such as mulching, deep root fertilization, smart tree pruning and watering during dry seasons.


Tree Stump Removal

We are an experienced Denver stump removal service with satisfied clients throughout the Denver metro area. Our trained technicians will assess the situation and provide you with a stump removal quote. We have two different size stump grinders for optimum flexibility.

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Lawn Service

Lawn service in Denver and along the Colorado Front Range is unique due to our semi-arid climate. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we’ve seen plenty of people overwhelmed by the harsh nature of lawn care in this climate.

Lawn and tree care is not just a job—it’s an art form. Passion for this art is what separates ArborScape from other tree care companies.


Emerald Ash Borer Colorado

We can help protect your landscape ash trees without removing them. If your ash tree has emerald ash borer symptoms , we’ll take a look. It’s very important to prevent ash borer before it gets in the tree. We offer a free evaluation of your ash tree. Read the following frequently asked questions for more information about the EAB.


Commercial Tree Care

We’ve recently reinvigorated our commercial tree care pages adding new clients to our list of satisfied customers. Property managers are always wondering whether a company has the goods to deliver. To us, there are three ways to figure that out.

Look at their people, clients and equipment. Check out our commercial tree service area to learn more about all three of ours.

And with 20 years of tree and lawn care history on our side we have the experience to make your trees beautiful and sustainable. We are experienced in the field and stay up to date on the latest tree care trends through continuing education. Be sure to check out our reviews page to see what our tree care and lawn service clients have to say.