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Tree Spraying

Tree Spraying

Arborscape’s tree spraying service plans are the best tree and bush spraying treatments in Denver. A professionally executed plant health care program prevents tree insects and controls the disease. This is how our emerald ash borer treatments and other insect control treatments make a qualitative difference in your outdoor space.

Our goal is to keep trees and bushes lush and beautiful by keeping disease away and fending off encroaching pests.

ArborScape's professional tree spraying services in Denver, Colorado.

When you hire ArborScape, a certified arborist assesses your tree for pests and soil nutrient deficiencies, customizing a spraying program for optimal landscape appearance. Your PHC scorecard tracks improvements in canopy cover, bark and leaf appearance, and branch flexibility, while quantifying progress through year-to-year apical growth, soil moisture measurement, and DBH growth. These measures reflect root health and can include soil testing for an extra fee.

tree spraying in denver

Tree Fertilization

In Denver’s arid climate, tree fertilizing is challenging. While it usually helps, in dry years it can risk leaf burnout. Consistent fertilization enhances trees’ natural defense against insects and disease, provided by ArborScape’s service.

Tree insect control

Effective tree insect control doesn’t just address existing infestations; it also prevents diseases and maintains tree health and beauty. Poorly maintained yards or landscapes are more susceptible to aphids, beetles, and mites, resulting in bark and leaf loss.

*We also offer pine needle drop service and prevention of cracking and sunscald.

Benefits Of Working With Tree Spraying Professionals

We have certified arborists.

Licensed with the State of Colorado

Veteran & Senior discounts available


What does spraying trees mean?

Spraying trees refers to the application of various liquids such as pesticides, fungicides, or nutrients on the trees using specialized equipment. Professional tree spraying services utilize this technique to combat diseases, pests, or nutrient deficiencies and promote healthy growth.

Why do we spray trees?

Trees are sprayed for several reasons including pest control to eliminate or prevent infestations from insects or other pests, disease prevention to control fungal or bacterial diseases that can harm the tree, nutrient application to provide essential nutrients that might be lacking in the soil, and aesthetic purposes to maintain the appearance and health of ornamental trees. Professional tree spraying services analyze the specific needs of the trees and choose the appropriate solutions for optimal results.

What do we use to spray trees?

Professional tree spraying services use various substances depending on the tree’s needs such as pesticides to control insect infestations, fungicides to treat fungal diseases, herbicides to manage weed growth, and nutritional sprays to supply essential nutrients. Specialized equipment including sprayers and nozzles is used to ensure precise and effective application.

What are tree treatments?

Tree treatments refer to various interventions and care methods including spraying, pruning, fertilizing, and more, aimed at maintaining or improving the health, appearance, and longevity of trees.

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