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ArborScape Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before contacting us about our services. These terms and conditions apply to everyone, but are not limited to, visitors, customers, and potential clients using this website.

Please note that we offer free estimates at your request.

Terms and Conditions

The Following Tree Service Denver Terms And Conditions Have Been Created For ArborScape Services.

Person Signing A Contract Has Sole Authorization For Work Being Completed. No Tools Were Used To Diagnose The Initial Assessment. The Assessment Was Done Visually And From The Ground.

Arborists Can Not Guarantee That A Tree Will Be Healthy Or Safe Under Any Circumstances, Or For Any Specified Period Of Time. Likewise, Remedial Treatments, Like Any Medicine, Cannot Be Guaranteed.

ArborScape Will Not Be Responsible For Minor Damage To Property Such As Chipped Or Scratched Paint, Holes In The Ground, Broken Flagstone, Broken Concrete, Landscape Damage, Tire Ruts, Oil Stains Etc. From Equipment Or Tree Debris.

ArborScape Will Not Be Responsible For Damage To Underground Utilities From Tree Or Stump Removal, Aeration, Deep Root Fertilization, Planting Or Other Work That Requires Soil Removal Or Penetrations. Underground Utilities Include Any Wire, Pipe Or Anything Buried Underground.

Tree Pruning Classes Or Types Of Pruning

Class 1 Fine Pruning (Small To Medium Trees From 5 Ft To 25 Ft) – Fine Pruning Shall Consist Of The Removal Of Dead, Dying, Diseased, Interfering, Objectionable, And Weak Branches As Well As Selective Thinning To Lessen Wind Resistance. Dead Wood Up To 1/2 An Inch In Diameter May Remain Within Canopy/Lead Area

Class 2 Medium Pruning (Medium Trees 26ft To 40 Ft) – Medium Pruning Shall Consist Of The Removal Of Dead, Dying, Diseased Or Obviously Weak Branches, 1 Inch In Diameter Or More Within Canopy/Lead Area.

Class 3 Large Pruning (Large Trees 41 Ft And Up) – Large Pruning Shall Consist Of The Removal Of Dead, Dying, Diseased, Interfering, Objectionable, And Obviously Weak Branches, 2 Inch In Diameter Or More Within Canopy/Lead Area.

Class 4 Cutting Back Or Drop Crotch Pruning – Cutting Back Or Drop Crotch Pruning Shall Consist Of The Reduction Of Tops, Sides, Under Branches, Or Individual Limbs.

Safety Trim – Removal Of Broken And Dead Branches 4″ In Diameter Or Bigger Within Canopy/Lead Area.

Tree Removal – Removal Of The Tree To As Close To The Ground As Possible. A Stump 12 Inches High Or Less Could Remain After Tree Removal.

Stump Grinding – Will Meet Denver’s Guideline Of 6″ Deep. An Extra Charge Will Apply For For Deeper Than 6 Inch Stump Grinding. No Responsible For Broken Windows Or Other Home Fixtures.

Lawn Care

As of 2024, we’ve partnered with Weed Man to take care of the lawn side of things so our arborists can focus more on the trees. Their full range of lawn care services will have your turf looking gorgeous and healthy. They’ll take a look at your lawn to determine the appropriate treatment plan. 

Lawn Aeration – Pull Plugs 1″ To 3″ Depending On Soil Moisture. It’s Helpful To Water Before This Service. Please Mark Sprinkler Headlines. Not Responsible For Damage To Underground Irrigation Or Sprinkler System Lines As Also Noted Above.

Winter Mite Control – Two Applications In Winter On Warm Dry Days. Warm Days Promote Mite Activity. South And West Facing Areas Of Lawn Are More Susceptible To Mite Damage.

Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS) – Requires Timed Applications Of Fungicide And Proper Watering To Control This Fungus. Promoting Lawn Health Through Aeration And Fertilization Is Also Necessary To Combat NRS.

Lawn Insect Control – Major Pests In Colorado And The Front Range Consist Of Grubs, Sod Web-Worm And Bill-Bugs. Timed Applications Throughout The Summer Aid In Controlling These Pests.

Shrubs And Bushes

Shear – Shear Shrubs And Bushes With A Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer To Create A Uniform Appearance.

Hand Prune – Shrubs And Bushes Trimmed With Hand Pruners To Reduce Size And Keep Natural Form.

Rejuvenation Prune – Shrubs And Bushes Cut To 6″ To 12″ From Grade Or Ground Level To Promote New Growth.

Renewal Prune – Removal Of Old Stock (Larger Branches) To Promote New Growth.

Late Payments

Accounts Not Paid Within 10 Days Are Subject To A 2.5% Finance Charge. Accounts Not Paid Within 30 Days Are Subject To A $30.00 Late Fee. Every 30 Days After That A $15.00 Office Administration Charge Will Be Added. Customer Is Responsible For All Reasonable Costs And Expense Of Collection And/Or Lawsuit, But Not Limited To Reasonable Attorney Fees.

These ArborScape Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of ArborScape’s Management team. Thank you!

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